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Supreme court rejects appeal from mother who strangled her two young daughters

Wednesday, June 14, the Supreme court upheld the verdict of Michal Aloni, recognized guilty in the murder of two of his daughters — six-year-old Natalie and four-year Roni and sentenced to two life sentences. That the Supreme court rejected the appeal, reported the website of red alert.

The court decision stated that Michal Aloni was found sane and she gave a report of his actions at the time of the murder. In the court’s decision noted the particular cruelty with which the murder was committed, and indicates that the mother strangled their children should be punished.

According to court records, in November 2010 Michal Aloni in the eyes of 6-year-old Natalie took the stocking, and wrapped it around his neck 4-year-old Roni and strangled her. Then she killed and the eldest daughter. After that, she placed the body on his bed and hid the sheets, called the father of the girls and reported the crime. During the investigation, the woman was unable to explain why he killed his daughters.

At the meeting, Aloni said that Satan made her commit the crime. In her words, «creepy creature» forced to kill her daughters. According to her, she begged «Satan» leave her alone or kill, but vain. She also said that her father, who suffered from schizophrenia, had subjected her to sexual abuse since she was three years old, and did not stop raping until then, until I got to the hospital, where he spent the rest of my life.

According to Michal Aloni, for many years she suffered from manic-depressive psychosis, and one and a half years before the murder of the daughters stopped to take medication.

In the judgment of the court these arguments are called «manipulative, aimed at mitigation of punishment for the offense». In January 2013 goals Aloni was convicted of double intentional murder.

Supreme court rejects appeal from mother who strangled her two young daughters 14.06.2017

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