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Survey: Russian-speaking women in Israel are feminists, refusing them to be called

The press service of the organization «Our heritage – the Charter for democracy» reports that researchers at the Institute «Panels», conducted the survey on behalf of the organization, came to the conclusion that the majority of women born in countries of the former USSR, frightens and repels not the feminist movement, and the term «feminism».

The survey involved 502 women aged 25 years and older who emigrated from the former Soviet Union, since 1989.

It turned out that most of the respondents are not willing to identify themselves as feminists. This is despite the fact that 37% of women feminism is «the struggle for equality between men and women», and for 25% of women, feminism is «the movement for women’s rights».

Despite the fact that more than 70% of respondents agreed with the assertion that feminism has greatly improved the position of women in society in the last hundred years, and over 80% agreed that women received a large amount of rights through the feminist movement, women aged 55 years and older most agree that feminism is harmful for both men and women and leads to loneliness and dissatisfaction with life.

Most interesting is that 49% of women surveyed categorically refused to define themselves as feminists, while agreeing, however, with all the basic principles of feminism that affect everyday life: equality, non-discrimination in the workplace, equality in the family, etc.

In addition, it appears that women with high incomes easier consider myself to be feminist than those women whose income is below the average.

The vast majority of respondents agreed that the government should change the system of preschool education so that women could work and live economically independent lives. However, those same women did not agree that such a requirement is relevant to feminism.

One more interesting result: married women are more likely to agree with the statement that family and motherhood are two factors that hinder career for women’s equality. Single and divorced women disagreed with this statement.

Commenting on the findings, Director General of «Our heritage», Dr. Julia Zemlinsky explained that he considers the survey results, both positive and negative.

«Unfortunately, feminism as a term find yourself a bad reputation and, due to various sociological reasons, is not very popular among Russian-speaking women in Israel. However, the good news is that by not calling themselves feminists, the vast majority of women in all age categories agreed with most of the principles of women’s equality in society. This is a practical figure is much more important,» — said Zemlinsky.

Last week in tel Aviv hosted the conference «Women’s territory 2017», organized by «Our heritage» with the support of the tel Aviv city hall and the U.S. Embassy in Israel. The conference was attended by Knesset members, public figures and representatives of human rights organizations.

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Survey: Russian-speaking women in Israel are feminists, refusing them to be called 29.06.2017

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