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«Syria does not want PATO, she wants Russia». Review of the Russian media

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry can in the coming weeks to re-visit Moscow for talks to resolve the Syrian crisis. However, the date of the visit has not been scheduled yet: the U.S. state Department said that «certainty yet,» wrote in a Wednesday newspaper «Kommersant». In the Kremlin do not exclude that John Kerry can take the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced at a briefing press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Pope Francis has declared today the beginning of the Jubilee year of Christianity dedicated to charity. The holiday, which usually is announced once in 25 years, the Romans met in a climate of fear of possible terrorist attacks. In the capital of Italy announced the fourth and the highest level of terrorist threat, informs the edition.

The tradition of Holy years has established itself in Catholicism in the early fourteenth century. At first they planned to celebrate once in 100 years, then once in 50 years, and then in memory of the earthly life of Christ – every 33 years. In 1470 Pope Paul II decided to celebrate the Jubilee year, once a quarter of a century. This anniversary special. Next I had to wait until 2025. However, Pope Francis has decided to «cheer up» the flock in the background of the Catholic Church are experiencing a crisis. The idea was picked up by the secular authorities. After the Paris terrorist attacks, however, it became clear that the holiday will be unhappy.

The government has developed a number of replacement plans in case of unfavorable oil conjuncture. On 9 December, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in conversation with journalists of five Russian TV channels.

«Of course, we assume at the moment from a realistic scenario. But we would be bad managers if it had not had a plan b and even plan C if required for this situation. Oil prices are not encouraging: they may be the lowest in 17 years. If this scenario continues, we have to make adjustments», – quoted Medvedev, «the Russian newspaper».

Medvedev also assured journalists that the free medical care in Russia will be saved and promised to «kick the hands of» those who encroach on it. «The Holy no one encroaches, who will encroach, on the arms will give and other parts of the body,» he said in an interview with Russian TV channels, answering the formulated accordingly the question of challenging anyone to free health care.

Deputies of the Chelyabinsk municipal Duma has taken the initiative to assign one of the streets of the city the name of the Hero of Russia Oleg Peshkov, who died on 24 November in Syria, writes the same newspaper. Likely street in honor of Lieutenant Colonel will appear in one of the neighborhoods under construction. According to the press service of the city administration, Chairman of the Duma Stanislav Mosharov has supported this initiative and gave the order to start preparing the necessary documents.

Two days ago, the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation announced the inclusion of American-Russian Fund on economic and law development (the U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law, USRF) in the registry of unwanted organizations. The decision was made in accordance with the decree of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. The decision of the Ministry of justice responded U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft, who called it a deliberate step to further isolate the Russians from the world. About this and other similar events, writes «Nezavisimaya Gazeta» in the article titled «Not so quiet American».

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the authorities in the country to discuss the possibility of beer sales at the stadiums. «Putin does not give a clear answer and did not Express a definite point of view», – commented on the results of the closed part of the meeting of the presidential Council press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Putin’s reaction was that «we need more and more time to analyze this question, for and against», reports TASS.

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» published an article entitled «Heap» notorious Israel Shamir, a former Israeli journalist, now publishing in the Russian media-article anti-Semitic and anti-Western wing, where he talks about the situation in Syria.

«As the juniors happily throw breast on a mountain of bodies of their wrestling buddies shouting «Heap!», so grows and the number of participants in the Syrian war. «Heap», screamed Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and sent two aircraft (and soon to be six!) bomb DAYS. «Heap», otkliknulis Kanzlerin Merkel, and sent as many as 1,200 soldiers to Syria. The Turks crossed the border and established a base near Mosul, the capital of the Iraqi Islamic State (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — ed.). A matter of time when President Obama is also plyuhnetsya into this mess.
Asked if Syria feels under her this funny bunch, she’d say, against Syria. Syria wants help from Russia,» writes Shamir.

«Russia cooperates with the legitimate government of Damascus, thus, which sends ambassadors, sits in the UN and takes care of 80% of the population. If Russia will help to take away the territory from DAYS, this area will fall under the control of the Syrian government.

PATO goal is the opposite. If they enter into the Syrian war, only in order not to give Bashar al-Assad to seize all of Syria. They declare that the war with DISH, but their main enemy is the legitimate government of Syria. If not Russia», – the author warns the readers.

«Syria does not want PATO, she wants Russia». Review of the Russian media 09.12.2015

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