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Syria has prepared for a worst case scenario. Review of the Russian media

The Russian Ambassador to Egypt Sergei Kirpichenko said that the Russian version of the terrorist attack on Board A321 companies «Kogalymavia», which killed 224 people, finds a new confirmation. The diplomat said that Cairo and Moscow have differences regarding the investigation into the crash, which «is not of principal character». From the results of the investigation will depend on the resumption of air links with Egypt, the Ambassador said, writes on 8 February, the newspaper «Kommersant».

We will remind, in November, experts of FSB have established that the cause of the accident A321 was a terrorist attack. According to the FSB, onboard the bomb went off, the power is equivalent to 1 kg of TNT.

The confrontation in Syria has entered a critical phase: the government troops with air support of the Russian Federation launched an offensive on the «Northern capital» of the country – Aleppo. Messages from the conflict zone indicate about the environment of groups fighting against Damascus, and the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in connection with the flight of tens of thousands of civilians rushed to the Turkish border.

The successes of the army of President Assad, Russia is forced to fend off accusations of derailing the peace process by the West and its regional allies are considering a ground operation in Syria. Interviewed by «Kommersant», the experts called the attack on Aleppo «a strong argument of Moscow» for talks on Syria, the use of which, however, can be costly: the tightening of the military phase of the conflict and worsening of relations with the West and part of the Arab world.

The anti-terrorist coalition countries refuse, however, to recognize the version of Moscow. They insist that under the guise of fighting terrorist groups in Aleppo Russia is conducting a sweep of the part of the Syrian opposition, which receives support from the U.S. and its regional allies.

Categorical statements of Turkey regarding Syrian Kurds cause irritation in Washington, where Ankara’s position are beginning to regard as an obstacle and a political solution in Syria and to fight ISIS, according to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Organized, according to isane, data leakage assessments about the White house role of Ankara in fact was a response to put forward to the weekend ultimatum of the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan, who lashed out at the special representative of the President of the United States Brett Makhorka for his visit to under the control of Syrian Kurds of Kobani. Erdogan believes that disagreements over the Kurds lead to a loss of trust between Ankara and Washington, and actually put US before a choice: «How can we trust you? I’m your ally or terrorists in Kobani?».

«Nezavisimaya Gazeta» published on Monday an article entitled «Syria prepared for the worst-case scenario» in which the political scientist Evgeny Medvedev States: a Sunni Alliance could begin ground operations against Assad. He recalls that a number of countries, including Arabic, had already announced readiness to take part in this campaign. The Pentagon chief Ashton Carter announced that the question of a ground operation will be discussed this week in Brussels, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that the coalition is broadly supportive of the intention to intensify efforts to combat ISIS.

Writer-patriot Egor Kholmogorov has contributed to the discussion of the scandal surrounding the «Russian» Germans Lisa from Berlin, which, as argued by the First channel of RTV, was kidnapped and tortured refugees. Within this history, he criticizes and ridicule the poet and journalist Dmitry Bykov, who expressed great horn from the Federal opinion.

«Bykov, however, I have to say, the demand is low – I had the displeasure of working with him 13 years ago in one newspaper, and his willingness to make a long verse on any occasion, not too bothered by the theme, already I was impressed. The social procurements appeared to spot me Lisa, but at the same time «Putin’s propaganda» – and he writes, guided by rage rather «opposition to the Putin propaganda», than personal feelings. No ethical brakes.But more importantly for the poet, aesthetic Bykov has no brakes,» writes Kholmogorov from the pages of the newspaper «Izvestia».

>»Komsomolskaya Pravda» published an essay by Sergey Ponomarev, under the expressive name «the Journey through aging nation: the Lithuanian way to a bright nowhere» and the Preface: «Our special correspondent rode along Baltic Republic, standing in the forefront of anti-Russian policy».

«Lithuania can be proud of: the outflow of population it holds the top spots in the world rankings. Somewhere in the range of Syria, Libya, Nigeria and Bangladesh. During the years of independence the population of the country decreased by almost a million people. On a third! And the number of those leaving is becoming more impressive: last year the flow of migrants from Lithuania has increased by 27 percent. From small even by local standards of Visaginas annually leaving at least 600 people from 35 thousand still remained a little more than 19 thousand. Modern 10 graduate students except that one’s going to stay in the country – «and go-ka I to start from his village to the capital…», the rest of their future with whatever government, not with native Lithuania», – thus the journalist confirms the statement made in the title.

Syria has prepared for a worst case scenario. Review of the Russian media 08.02.2016

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