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Syrian opposition groups agree not to fight for two weeks. Review of Arab media

Higher Committee on negotiations representing the Syrian opposition have expressed their willingness to observe a ceasefire between government forces and armed opposition groups within two weeks, according to TV channel «al-Arabia» (UAE).

The Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin», which is considered in the West one of the media outlets of Hizbullah, notes the particular personal merits of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in achieving the ceasefire in Syria, it is emphasized that the ceasefire does not apply to the terrorist group «Islamic state» and «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra».

Against this background, the Qatari channel «al Jazeera» reports that the us military along with Kurdish militia besieged the city of raqqa, considered the capital of ISIS in Syria and plan an attack. The Pentagon does not comment on this information.

On air of TV channel «al-Arabia» (UAE) aired a story about the participation of instructors of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah training militants in Yemen Huthis. As noted by appearing in a London based Saudi newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat» in this story was shown to the head of the school of fighters, one of the leaders of Hizbullah, known in Yemen as «Abu Salah». The man in the frame says that the Houthis should be prepared to commit terrorist acts on the territory of Saudi Arabia, including attacks against leaders in Riyadh. It was emphasized that it will be «martyrdom operations», i.e., suicide bombings.

Palestinian Agency Maan and Safa write about the murder of Brigadier General of the local security services of Ayman Jaradat. According to preliminary version he was shot close to the man Arafat Jaradat personally executed for collaboration with the Israeli authorities. Ayman Jaradat was one of the leaders of the paramilitary group «Black Panthers» (Fatah) during the first intifada in the 80-ies. For terrorist activities, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released from an Israeli prison, where he spent more than 20 years, in the fall of 2011 as part of the «Shalit deal». Soon after his release, he received an officer position in the security services of the PA, and then was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

Syrian opposition groups agree not to fight for two weeks. Review of Arab media 25.02.2016

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