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«Tahrir al-sham» ran from Hama Pro-Turkish Islamists

The militants of the terrorist group «Hayat Tahrir al-sham» out group «Ahrar al-sham» from the position occupied by it in the province of Hama. «Ahrar al-sham» — the militia of the Syrian Islamists supported by Turkey.

Reports from Syria of information, representatives of the jihadists approached the posts of «Ahrar al-sham» and invited them either to join the «Hayat Tahrir al-sham», or to leave the weapon and to leave the province. The Islamists chose the second option.

According to experts, the jihadists associated with «al-Qaeda», trying to use the destruction of the «Islamic state» to strengthen their own positions. It intends to gather all existing in the North and in the center of Syria’s opposition groups.

«Tahrir al-sham» ran from Hama Pro-Turkish Islamists 17.09.2017

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