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Talented spy or a loyal employee? Media are discussing the appointment of the new head «Mossad»

Tuesday, December 8, Israeli media comment on the appointment of Yossi Cohen, former national security Advisor to the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as head of the foreign intelligence service «Mossad».

Military commentator of «Yediot Ahronot» and Ynet’s Ron Ben-Yishai calls Yossi Cohen «acting Minister of foreign Affairs of Israel». According to Ben-Yishai, it’s about «the right purpose, dictated by business considerations.»

«The selection of Cohen, given his background and past activities, reflects the priority that gives the Prime Minister’s secret contacts that can support only «the Mossad»», – the journalist writes. Ben-Yishai believes that this, in turn, is about «structures and countries with which Israel has no formal relations».

The commentator recalls that Cohen was the head of the mission «Mossad» in Europe, and in the position of national security Advisor, he coordinated contacts with Washington in everything that concerned the «nuclear deal» with Iran. «The experience of Cohen and his proved ability cannot be overstated,» concludes Ben-Yishai.

In turn, political columnist for «Haaretz» Barak Ravid writes that the main task of the new head «Mossad» will «lose their clothes loyal servants to say to the Prime Minister the things that will be unpleasant to hear.»

As an example, Ravid results of Tamir Pardo, Cohen’s predecessor as head of «Mossad», which is a year and a half ago in a closed forum of big business said that the main threat to Israel is the problem of the Palestinian Arabs, not Iran. These words, contrary to the view of the Prime Minister, were published in the newspaper ha’aretz, which led to a sharp cooling of relations between Netanyahu and Pardo.

Barack Ravid notes that Yossi Cohen was a classmate of the new inspector General of police of Roni Alsaha in the yeshiva «the Ground is Meir».

Military commentator Alon Ben-David writes in the newspaper «Maariv-Shavua» that it is an «excellent appointment». According to Ben-David, Cohen appointment shows the desire of Netanyahu to see «Mossad» more active in its operational activities. The browser calls the new head «Mossad» «prompt the worker to the bone» and recalls that «while the priest at the head of the operations Department «from» has been the most difficult for Iran’s nuclear program: scientists have been killed, a mysterious virus struck the computer program, and the inventory gone down».

The browser does not claim that all these events are associated with the activities of «Mossad», but, he said, «in Iran repeatedly came to the conclusion that the sabotage was organized by the Israeli intelligence.»

According to Ben-David, the appointment of Cohen would not entail the resignation of high-ranking officials of the intelligence. It is noted that the Deputy head of «Mossad» N., who was one of the candidates for the post, welcomed the appointment of Cohen and declared that he would remain in his post.

Amir Rapoport, the military observer of the NRG website, writes that the new head «Mossad» there are three main tasks, and the first of them: the opposition to the Iranian nuclear threat in the almost complete absence of allies Israel has in this matter. In addition, from the head of the «Mossad» will need to be the main element in the restoration of relations with the United States, as well as to monitor the activities of the «Islamic state».

Columnist for the newspaper «Israel and Yom» Shlomo Cesana describes details of the biography of Yossi Cohen.

The new head «Mossad» 54 years old, he was born in Jerusalem and grew up in the Metropolitan area Catamon. His father Aryeh Cohen was a fighter underground organizations the ETZEL fought against the British during the British mandate. Many commentators write that the ideological closeness of the families who grew Cohen and Prime Minister Netanyahu, played a role in their successful collaboration.

Cohen was educated in the schools of the religious-Zionist direction. In the youth movement «Bnei Akiva» Cohen met his wife, Aya, who today works as a nurse in the hospital «Shaare Zedek». The family Cohen had four children. One of his sons, Yonatan, from birth suffered from cerebral palsy and has a 100% disability. Despite this, Yonatan Cohen was called on service in the IDF, completed officer training and was discharged with the rank of captain reconnaissance troops.

His service in the «Mossad» Yossi Cohen began in 1982, after the course of recruitment agents. Then was appointed head of the intelligence Department «from». In 2000, Cohen took indefinite leave for family reasons, which, according to some publications, associated with her son’s disease.

Two years later he returned to service, and in 2006 became a head of the management of operations «Mossad». Cohen is a laureate of the Israel prize for special merits in the field of security.

From 2011 to 2013 he was Deputy head of the «Mossad» and his acting, and from 2013 to 2015 – Advisor to Prime Minister on national security.

The new head «Mossad» characterized as a man is extremely charismatic and charming. For elegant looks and a love of costumes, he was nicknamed «the male model».

December 8, Cohen told reporters that «he thanked the Prime Minister for the trust». «Task «Mossad» is the operations and information gathering for the benefit of the security of Israeli citizens, and in this direction we will continue to work without excessive noise,» added Cohen.

Yossi Cohen became the twelfth head of the foreign intelligence service of Israel. Recall that until 1996 the head of the «Mossad» was classified.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke by telephone with the new head «Mossad» and congratulated him on his appointment. «You and the other heads of the security services have a huge responsibility: to strengthen Israel’s security and intelligence to ensure the strength of the country for the benefit of the peaceful life of citizens.»

Co-Chairman of the block «the Zionist camp» of Livni said, «I worked with Yossi Cohen was in the days of the military operations, and during the negotiating process with the Palestinians». «This is an honest and professional scout, and I have no doubt that he will do everything possible for the sake of our state,» added Livni.

Talented spy or a loyal employee? Media are discussing the appointment of the new head «Mossad» 08.12.2015

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