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Talmudic-terrorists Sizzling themselves. Review of Arab media

Published in the London newspaper «al-Hayat» writes that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who went on a three day tour in Italy and France, intends to offer the Europeans the «Road map for partnership». It provides for the conclusion of multi-billion dollar contracts. Europe believes that Iran will play a constructive role in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa and Syria.

The Agency Maan reports that the Prime Minister of Palestinian authority Rami Hamdallah condemned an article published in the Wall Street Journal Deputy Israeli foreign Minister Ms. Tzipi Hotovely. Israeli politician accused the PNA in financing terror. According to Hamdallah, Israel is trying to divert attention from the real crimes – the Zionist settlement policy.

The TV channel «al Jazeera» reports that the increased security measures taken by the Egyptian government, did not prevent thousands of opponents of President al-Sisi to take part in opposition demonstrations. Against demonstrators, demanding the restoration of democracy, used force. Four people were killed, 18 were arrested.

Russian site belonging to the Hamas «Palestinian information center» reports that the odious Zionist Talmudic committed the crime burned down a school in the village of Tuba in the territories occupied in 1948. The site suggests that the arsonists belong to a terrorist group «Price tag», and expresses confidence that talmudische the terrorists themselves will be incinerated.

The website «I Libnan» reports the name of the workers of the Swedish shelter for migrant adolescents, which killed 15-year-old resident of the center. This 22-year-old Alexandra Pierre Meyer, a native of one of the Christian villages of southern Lebanon. The site notes that the police does not name neither the name nor the nationality of the killer, but notes that such attacks are happening more often.

Talmudic-terrorists Sizzling themselves. Review of Arab media 26.01.2016

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