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TamaFix: the Arab sector faces collapse

Among the 4398 project TAMA 38 to strengthen buildings from destruction none have been implemented in the Arab sector. So from the data posted on the website TamaFix
who publishes information on the implementation of the project TAMA 38 in the country.

It is noted that this program was created to protect houses in case of earthquakes. In reality, however, it is implemented only where there is economic benefit. From this point of view of the Arab city do not attract developers because there is low cost of land.

According to Eliran Simoni, founder TamaFix, in Israel, there are 12 Arab towns with a total population of 500 thousand people. The cost of strengthening a single building in which there are from 8 to 12 families in these cities is up to a million shekels. Developers are not willing to invest the money in building that will not bring them income.

Simoni believes that there are two solutions to this problem. First, the state can encourage developers who have taken to strengthen houses in the Arab sector, providing benefits in the form of profitable projects, the proceeds of which will cover their investments. Second, it is possible to provide developers tax incentives.

TamaFix: the Arab sector faces collapse 11.07.2017

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