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Taxi drivers and the airports authority are unable to reach agreement

Monday, June 12, was held the meeting of representatives of taxi drivers with the management of the airports of Israel, which discussed the price list for transport services from the airport of a name Ben-Gurion.

At this meeting, representatives of the office proposed to create two streams: the taxi service at the regular price, the price list of the Ministry of transport and the taxi service at a discount of 12% on regular price list. It is obvious that the queue for the service discount would be greater.

This proposal did not suit the taxi drivers, who claim that the demand for their services at the airport, so quite large, the prices are not inflated, and therefore no additional discounts are not required.

After the failure of negotiations once again taxi drivers staged a demonstration in the Parking area near the building of the airport.

As previously reported, late on Sunday evening, June 11, at the international airport named Ben-Gurion held a rally of taxi drivers protesting against the lowering of prices for the trip. The protesters not only refused to carry passengers, but also hindered the work to other taxi drivers. After midnight, some taxi drivers began to take passengers, the protesters extremely negatively reacted to the actions of those colleagues. To restore order police were deployed.

And the protesters and taxi drivers that don’t support the protest, called the events in one word: «farce». They blame the authorities and Management of airports in Israel for their unwillingness to offer acceptable conditions of work.

The indignation of the taxi drivers called the entry into force of the decision on reducing the prices for travel from Ben Gurion at 12% (prior to the adoption of this decision, the trip from tel Aviv to Ben Gurion taxi company cooperating with the Management of airports of Israel, was worth slightly more than 100 shekels, but the trip back cost from 140 to 180 shekels).

We will remind that on may 28 the Management of airports of Israel officially announced the cancellation of the tender for provision of taxi services to passengers at Ben Gurion airport. Cancellation of the tender was the result of disagreements between the companies «Adar» and «get», received a joint right to service passengers. Differences arose in the background of the decision «get» to give a discount of 31% on the taxi fare for passengers at the airport Ben Gurion. The drivers of the company «Adar» spoke out sharply against this, arguing that such move would entail the loss of income, and as a result, lowering wages. Negotiations between the two companies ended without result, and «Adar» announced its withdrawal from the tender, which automatically led to the cancellation of the competition.

Since the new tender for servicing of passengers faced difficulties, it was decided to allow to work at the airport any taxi registered in the office of airports. This order also applies to taxis operating with allowed in Israel mobile apps. It was promised that during peak hours, and with a shortage of taxi passengers will be provided free buses. It was also reported that in the near future will be prepared the new tender.

Taxi drivers and the airports authority are unable to reach agreement 12.06.2017

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