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Teachers-returnees received the award «for diligence» retroactive for two years

Teachers-returnees received the award «for diligence» retroactive for two academic years (in the amount of 8,000 NIS), the press service of the party «Yesh Atid». The report notes that the payment of this award to the teachers-returnees has made the Deputy Konstantin (Yoel) Razvozov during the work of the Knesset of the 19th convocation.

«The award is an alternative to the «anniversary award» («manac a-Jew»), which are teachers-the Israelites after 25 years. In the past the majority of teachers-repatriates almost no chance to get this prize, because, having arrived at the age of 30 years and older, they were unable to gain the necessary experience. Several attempts have been made to include teachers with experience in the former USSR, but were unable to reach an agreement between the Ministry and representatives of teachers ‘ unions. The Deputy Razvozov had proposed a different solution: the award «for diligence» will be paid to teachers-returnees, spent 25 years in the specialty, of which at least 10 years in Israel», – stated in the message of the party «Yesh Atid».

The press release notes that the payment of the award was postponed several times by the Ministry of education, despite dedicated funding. «Employees of the Ministry of education has repeatedly stated that attempts to pay premiums manually were not successful due to technical problems and therefore the payments were deferred until the commissioning of the new system», says the party «Yesh Atid».

In response to the recent request of the Deputy Razvozov in the Ministry of education gave a commitment to pay the bonus not later than December of the current year, and December 1, thousands of teachers-returnees received payments in the amount of 8,000 NIS retroactive for the 2013/14 and 2014/15 academic years.

The prize amount is around 4,000 shekels a year for full-time teachers who teach subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and technological skills. The prize will be paid at the end of each year.

Note that teachers are immigrants who have worked 25 years in the Israeli education system will not be able simultaneously to get the «prize for effort» and «jubilee award», relying in this case.

Constantine Razvozov thanked the Ministry of education for their help and understanding. «In Israel come excellent teachers who give heart and soul work with children and I am glad that the government have decided to encourage them for their hard work,» he said.

Teachers-returnees received the award «for diligence» retroactive for two years 01.12.2015

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