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Tel Aviv will lose yet another character begins the reconstruction of the atarim square

Next week the tel Aviv municipality begins work on the reconstruction of the seaside atarim square. According to the website Ynet on Monday begin the destruction of the 12 concrete umbrellas, «decorating» the area.

According to experts, giant umbrellas made of concrete «grow old» from the salt sea air and now pose a risk to the safety of tourists.

It is assumed that the cleaning area of concrete structures will take two weeks.

The area between the embankment and the Boulevard Ben-Gurion was built in the late seventies. It had the name of the late mayor Mordechai Namir. It was one of the most popular discos of the city. However, the disco was closed and the area was soon abandoned, closed were on it, cafes and restaurants. Widow Namir demanded to rename the area, not to disgrace the memory of her husband. The request was granted, giving the area the name Atarim in honor of the construction company who built it. During the Gulf war, when tel Aviv was fired «Scud», Shlomo lahat, who was mayor expressed the wish that some kind of rocket fell in the area and destroyed it.

In 2004, the municipality decided to demolish the area, but to limit its restoration. In 2007 the restoration was completed, but life on Atarim never returned.

According to Ynet, in 2015, the city Commission for construction and planning approved the plan for reconstruction of the area in which it is assumed to connect the Boulevard Ben Gurion promenade and to build three high-rise towers, which will be 340 residential apartments and 600 hotel rooms and 5,000 square meters will be given over to public places.

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Tel Aviv will lose yet another character begins the reconstruction of the atarim square 20.04.2017

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