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Terminated the trial of bill Cosby: the jury failed to reach a verdict

The district court judge of Montgomery, where the case of Hollywood actor bill Cosby, was forced to announce the termination of the proceedings after the jury in the result of a long debate, was unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

However, the office of Pennsylvania immediately announced that he would seek re-process that, according to the judge, may start in the next four months, according to Reuters.

Recall, the 79-year-old bill Cosby is accused of raping a woman named Andrea Constand, which claims that in 2004, Cosby had raped her previously opoiv drugs in his house, which is located in the Northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

Bill Cosby is an American film Director, producer, writer, musician and political activist, as well as the most popular black actor in the United States, known for the title role in the legendary sitcom «the Cosby Show». The role of the head of a wealthy American family brought Cosby the glory «chief Pope of America» millions of Americans saw him as a Paragon of virtue. However, the reputation of the actor was affected considerably after a few dozen women at almost the same time accused him of sexual assault.

While the formal allegations, Cosby was charged only with rape of Andrea Constand, as in all other cases, already expired the Statute of limitations.

Terminated the trial of bill Cosby: the jury failed to reach a verdict

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