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Terrorists in Israeli prisons have announced a mass hunger strike

Monday, April 17, hundreds of prisoners in Israeli jails, most of whom are former militants and activists of the Fatah and also former militants of Hamas and other terrorist organizations, began a hunger strike.

Evaluation of Management of prisons of Israel (SCHABAS), in the hunger strike by about 1,200 prisoners. Palestinian Agency Maan reported on more than 1600 participants of termless hunger strike.

16 April in many cities in the PA, there were demonstrations of solidarity with the participants of mass hunger strikes in which participants demanded from the Israeli authorities to release all «political» prisoners.

Under the slogan «We are all prisoners» in Israeli Arab city of Umm El-Fahm was a tent town in support of the hunger strike.

The formal reason for the mass hunger strike protested against conditions in Israeli prisons, which were recently tightened for prisoners who are serving sentences for terrorist activities. In addition, protesters demanding the release of the so-called administrative detainees who are deprived of liberty without a court decision.

The initiator of the hunger strike under the slogan «Freedom and dignity» has become one of the leaders of the military wing of Fatah Marwan Barghouti, calling for the speedy holding of parliamentary and presidential elections in the Palestinian authority. Eve turned 15 years from the day of his arrest, after which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Obviously, the massive head Barghouti tends to attract more attention to yourself as a candidate for «President of Palestine».

The hunger strike initiated by one of the leaders of Fatah, joined the Committee of Hamas prisoners. To participate in the rally said the prisons «Ramon», «Nafha» and «Hadarim».

As reported by the Palestinian newspaper «al-Quds», after beginning the hunger strike, many inmates of the prison, «Ramon» was transferred to other prisons.

Management of prisons of Israel has informed that in respect of the hunger strikers will be subject to disciplinary action. Internal security Minister Gilad Erdan said that the administration does not intend to enter into negotiations with terrorists.

Marwan Barghouti. Curriculum vitae

Marwan Barghouti (Marwan Hasib Husayn al-Barghouti) was born in 1959 in Kafr Kubra.

In the early 80s was one of the founders of the youth extremist organization «Shabiba» (the leader of this group was Muhammad Dahlan), as head of the division «Shabibi» at the Islamic University of bir Zeit (Ramallah).

In the mid-80s, he was arrested and convicted of terrorist activities to 6 years in prison, in 1987, was deported to Jordan. In August 1989, the year he joined the party Fatah, headed by Yasser Arafat, served as «coordinator» between cells of the party in the Palestinian authority and abroad, became part of the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization as the «independent party».

In April 1994, with the permission of the Israeli authorities, returned to PA by the Central Committee of the Fatah party in the West Bank. The appropriateness of this position was repeatedly discussed at meetings of the leadership of the Fatah party, then came the scandal in may 1997, when revealed serious financial irregularities in the activities of M. Barghouti. In 2000 (before the «intifada al-Aqsa») Barghouti lost the post of «General Secretary» of Fatah in the West Bank, however, continued to call himself «Secretary General of Fatah».

By the beginning of the «intifada al-Aqsa» (fall 2000) Marwan Barghouti retained, in fact, the only post – paramilitary head of the terrorist Tanzim, associated with Fatah. The headquarters of the «Tanzim» was located in Ramallah. The militants of this organization are responsible for dozens of attacks against Israeli citizens.

4 August 2001, the Israeli military attempted elimination of Marwan Barghouti, a military helicopter fired a missile at the convoy of cars, one of which was Barghouti. It doesn’t hurt – the rocket struck another car, which was one of the leaders of the personal security of Arafat. After this incident, M. Barghouti, has repeatedly criticized the Israeli «tactics of political assassinations» – and the podium he provided even such a respected and influential publication like The Washington Post.

15 April 2002 the Israeli special services held in the Ramallah operation, in which Marwan Barghouti was arrested. Many Arab and international human rights organizations have repeatedly made demands for the release of Barghouti, claiming that he was imprisoned «for political reasons».

20 may 2004 the leader of the terrorists was convicted of killing 5 Israelis and a personal involvement in the organization of 4 attacks (initially he was accused of murdering 37 people). Sentenced to 5 life sentences and 40 years in prison in addition. In January 2005, before the «presidential elections» in the Palestinian authority, was transferred from solitary into the General population.

While in prison, Barghouti did not stop political activities. He ran for «President of Palestine» and withdrew his candidacy only after Abbas has promised to do everything possible for his release. In June 2007, Marwan Barghouti condemned the military coup carried out by Hamas in the Gaza strip.

According to numerous surveys conducted in the West Bank, «if elections for Palestinian President were held today,» Marwan Barghouti would be among the most popular candidates.

The current «Palestinian President» Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly demanded the release of Marwan Barghouti, not hiding that he sees Barghouti his successor.

The idea of release Barghouti to «strengthen authority», Abbas maintained in the White house (as the Obama administration and the Bush administration). For his release were made by some Israeli politicians, including former Israeli President Shimon Peres. Hamas demanded to include Barghouti in the «list of Shalit,» but the Netanyahu government refused to release from prison the leader of the «Tanzim».

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Terrorists in Israeli prisons have announced a mass hunger strike 17.04.2017

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