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The acclaimed film about the Yigal Amir «On the threshold of fear» will be shown in the «Lighting» of four cities

December 21 in the «Lighting» of tel Aviv, Holon, Jerusalem and Haifa will be screenings of the documentary film Herz Frank and Maria Kravchenko, «On the threshold of fear.» In June of this year, after the ultimatum of the Minister of culture Miri Regev, a picture of the love of Yigal Amir and Larisa, Trembovler was removed from the official program of the Jerusalem International film festival.

The documentary «On the threshold of fear» is the last work of the Latvian-Israeli documentary filmmaker Herz Frank. The film tells about the «human side» of Yigal Amir, his love story and marriage with immigrant Larissa Amir-Trimbobler. The film was launched in 2005. In 2013, Hertz Frank, and his film was finished Maria Kravchenko in 2014.

Culture Minister Miri Regev gave an ultimatum to the organizers of the Jerusalem International film festival a week before the opening. She warned that if the film is about the Yigal Amir, serving a sentence on charges of assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, will be shown, the festival will be deprived of state funding. Soon after, the organizers of the festival announced that the painting «On the threshold of fear» was excluded from the official program. Ultimately, the film remained in the contest, however, was shown as part of a separate show before the official opening of the festival.

Roni Mahadav-Levin, the Director of «Cinematheque» of Holon and the initiator of the action four «Naturally», explained the editorial that the idea of the film was dictated by the incident at the Jerusalem film festival. According to Meadow-Levin, while in the film there is no incitement to violence, and it is of artistic value, it needs to be presented to a wide audience. The Director of «Cinematheque» Holon said that he does not consider «On the threshold of fear» the best picture of Hertz Frank, however, stressed that any other picture of this world famous filmmaker like Frank, who is also a Latvian-Israeli Director, would long have been shown in all cinemas of the country.

«There is a serious problem of self-censorship, and this is the main problem we are fighting. Often, out of fear, we try to censor ourselves, not waiting for instructions from above, and assuming the role of censors. I find it extremely detrimental to the art,» says Meadow-Levin.

The Director of «Cinematheque» Holon explained that the idea of simultaneous screening of the film in several cities caused by desire as it is possible more loudly and clearly say that «Lighting» is strongly opposed to political censorship.

Meadow-Levine said that all the «Cinematheque» receive funding from local authorities and from the Ministry of culture. This was another reason for showing the film simultaneously in four cities. As Levin explained, if the authorities want this time to prevent the screening of the film or to apply any sanctions to its distributors, they already have to deal with not one, but four movie theaters.

Note that the culture Minister Miri Regev, learning about the initiative, said: «I’m sorry that this film will be shown. I’m against the glorification of killers. I quite clearly expressed my opinion on this matter, however, the law does not allow me to interfere with the shows».

The acclaimed film about the Yigal Amir «On the threshold of fear» will be shown in the «Lighting» of four cities 20.12.2015

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