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The actor fell into a coma during the staging of the death penalty

27-year-old Italian actor Rafael Schumacher fell into a coma after staging the death penalty during the play Mirages in the Teatro Lux Pisa, writes British newspaper the Daily Mail.

The publication explains that the Mirages – it’s immersive performance of the six stages in different parts of the theatre, between which the audience goes. The unfortunate scene with the participation of Schumacher took place in the courtyard theatre.

As notes TASS, sensed something was wrong one of the spectators is a graduate of medical school, when he saw the flailing actor during the staging of the death penalty. After lapsed into a coma Schumacher taken to hospital, police cordoned off the theatre and conducted the interrogation of witnesses to the incident.

Investigators do not exclude that we are talking about a public suicide attempt. But colleagues and relatives of Raphael refuse to believe this version.

However, colleagues have noted one oddity: in the final scene of Schumacher, who played in the mask, changed the text of the original script. According to the script his character was shot and Rafael before he began to convulse, began to talk of hanging.

The actor fell into a coma during the staging of the death penalty 03.02.2016

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