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The AIPAC conference: «We love you, Bibi!»

On Tuesday, 6 March, the head of the Israeli government Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the ongoing Washington conference of the American-Israeli Committee on public relations (AIPAC). Eight thousand people came to hear his presentation.

The audience gave a standing ovation to rising on the scene, the head of the Israeli government. At the end of his speech someone from the audience loudly shouted: «We love you, Bibi!». He was confused and said, «I thank you!».

In his speech, Netanyahu descended from the podium to the hall where he was greeted as a rock star, he walked on the stage and asked questions of the audience.

Israeli observers say that the Prime Minister has demonstrated his talent and charisma of the lecturer, which ceased to operate on Israelis. When he listed the achievements of the Jewish state in the economy, high technology in the military sphere, the reaction of the audience was much stronger than during performances in front of Israeli audiences. Despite the investigation carried out against him in Israel, Netanyahu was in a good mood.

Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Donald trump over the decision to move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He noted that the first US Ambassador, who will be honored to work in Jerusalem will be David Friedman.

Netanyahu said that Israel is surrounded by hostile countries who wish to destroy him, but, he said, the Jewish state has never been so strong as now. «We have a missile-defence system and the most advanced planes. Thank You, America! Thank you, Democrats and Republicans, thank you, members of Congress!», said Netanyahu at a time when in the background were shown slides with pictures of a missile defense system «Iron dome» fighters and F-35.

Netanyahu stopped separately on the achievements of Israeli intelligence. Noting that thanks to the secret services of Israel were prevented dozens of terrorist attacks in dozens of countries and saved thousands of lives.

«I thank the IDF soldiers, men and women, black and white, gay and straight, all who are United by one goal — protect Israel,» he said to the applause of Netanyahu.

Speaking about the success of Israel in the field of high technology, he noted that the most well-known companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook have in Israel, their research centres. He noted that the reason for this was that Israel realizes that a new era and moving forward, supporting all new.

Moving on to talk about the situation in the region, Netanyahu returned to the podium. He talked about the fact that Iran is still trying to increase its influence in the countries of the region. «The last time from this podium, I’m talking about the «nuclear agreement», warned that Iran cannot be relied upon. And now it’s obvious,» he said. «Iran must be stopped. We will stop Iran,» said Netanyahu. However, he noted that Egypt, Jordan and many other countries in the region understand that Israel is their ally, not an enemy.

Speaking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Netanyahu urged the Palestinian authority to end its support of terror. «You agree with me that Abbas should stop paying the terrorists?»- he asked a rhetorical question to the audience. Netanyahu has said that the family of terrorist who killed five members of the Fogel family in the Itamar settlement, the administration of Abbas paid $ 2 million. Netanyahu said that Mahmoud Abbas needs to find a more worthy use of money, for example, putting them in construction and the economy.

«We hope that America will make it clear to the Palestinian leadership that it does not intend to exercise tolerance to terror,» said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu ended his speech with the words that Israel and the United States write a new Chapter in the overall story. Chapter of peace and hope.

In addition to Israeli channels statement the Israeli leader broadcast by CNN.

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The AIPAC conference: «We love you, Bibi!» 07.03.2018

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