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The air forces of Egypt are operating in the airspace of the Gaza strip

Egyptian air force conduct a massive bombardment of the positions of the «Vilayat Sinai» – the current in the Sinai Peninsula branch of terrorist group «Islamic state». The main attacking area at the border of the Gaza strip.

As reported by Palestinian sources, leading the bombing of Rafah aircraft during approach purpose use airspace sector. It is also reported that in North-East Sinai in the bombing killed at least 15 people.

Egypt controls the Gaza blames Hamas in Gaza active in Sinai jihadists. The destruction of the tunnels connecting Gaza and Sinai, is one of the main goals of the ongoing summer 2013 anti-terrorist operation.

About two weeks ago, Israeli media reported that in recent months, Egyptian military aircraft violated the air border of Israel, acting in the area of Sweida Sheikh and El-Arish. As reported by «Yediot Ahronot», it was the first violation of the border by the Egyptian air force with the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

The Egyptian military coordinated their operation in the Sinai with the Army command of defence of Israel. The presence of Egyptian military aviation and heavy armored vehicles is coordinated by Cairo to Jerusalem, in accordance with the current peace Treaty.
Israel is interested in the Egyptian military managed to establish control over the entire territory of the Sinai Peninsula and to neutralise the militants of various terrorist groups, especially «wilayat Sinai» associated with the «Islamic state».

The air forces of Egypt are operating in the airspace of the Gaza strip 31.12.2015

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