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The aircraft «El al» will no longer be transplanted women because of religious men

83-year-old Israeli woman sued an end to discrimination of women on Board aircraft of the airline «El al».

According to the website «Mako», December 2, 2015 83-year-old Rina Rabinovich, a former lawyer, was flying «El Alem» from Newark to tel Aviv. When she has already taken its place in the cabin, she was approached by the flight attendant and asked to change, since 50-year-old religious man refused to sit next to a woman. Although Rina and considered this request as a violation of their rights, she moved. But immediately after returning to Israel sued for «El al», indicating that it had been discriminated against only because she is a woman.

«Mako» reports that on Tuesday, June 21, the court approved pre-trial deal between the giver of the claim and the airline and decided that the request of the company to change, indeed, is discrimination, even if the company tried to create a comfortable environment for the representatives of the religious sector.

«Mako» indicates that due to this precedent, the stewards of the airline «El al» will no longer be able to reseat passengers, they will have to seek other solutions, for example, to look for another place of religious passenger.

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The aircraft «El al» will no longer be transplanted women because of religious men 22.06.2017

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