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The Ambassador of Mexico, who was fired for protesting UNESCO, awarded by the American Sephardi Federation

May 21 at the new York Center for Jewish history will host the awards ceremony of the Mexican diplomat Andres römer, which is awarded by the American Sephardi Federation for open protest against the anti-Semitic resolutions of the UN Agency for education, science and culture (UNESCO).

This ceremony is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, writes in the Sunday, April 30, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

In October of last year when at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO was held to vote on the resolution denying the Association of Jerusalem with the Jewish people, Roemer, who is Jewish, walked out of the courtroom in protest against the obvious injustice of this statement is obeying the voice of conscience and the risk of losing his post, according to the statement of the American Sephardi Federation.

A few days after this demarche Remer was dismissed from the post of Mexican Ambassador in Paris for neglecting his diplomatic duties, as mentioned in the text.

The article notes that Remer wanted to resign before receipt of the notice, however, the Israeli Ambassador Carmel Shama-Cohen, who called him a true friend of the Jewish people, convinced a Mexican diplomat not to.

A week after the resignation of römer leaders of the Jewish community of Mexico initiated a campaign against the resolution, UNESCO, unidentified attackers broke Windows, broke furniture and sprayed anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of a synagogue Agudas Ajim in Mexico city. The attackers used for graffiti red paint, symbolizing blood, and the words «dogs» and the letter «a», which begins with the word «anarchy»

Members of the Jewish community of Mexico believe that behind these attacks is an organized group, the name of which Mexican Jewish newspaper Iton Gadol, writing about these events, does not. Note that today Mexico is home to the third largest Jewish community in Latin America, numbering 50,000 people.

Recall that the original Mexico city voted in favour of this document, and on 17 October, stated that changes its position and refuses to vote. However, this did not prevent local authorities to dismiss andré römer, its Ambassador to UNESCO protesting against this anti-Semitic resolution.

The Ambassador of Mexico, who was fired for protesting UNESCO, awarded by the American Sephardi Federation 30.04.2017

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