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The AMIA terrorist attack: investigators found DNA of the alleged suicide bomber

The investigators of the special investigations division of the Prosecutor General of Argentina, who lead the case of the terrorist attack at the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires (AMIA), have discovered a new DNA that doesn’t belong to any of the known victims.

Report on the results of two years ‘ work of forensic experts of the Federal police of Argentina was published on Monday, writes 5 July, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

This finding is another evidence in favor of the version according to which the attack in 1994 was carried out by the suicide bomber. Prosecutor of Argentina is already working to establish the identity of the alleged perpetrator, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies of other countries.

In the previous report, which also mentioned this version was given the name of a possible terrorist, Ibrahim Hussein berro, a Lebanese citizen and member of the terrorist group «Hezbollah». But his body still wasn’t found, and the DNA of an unknown victim discovered for the first time.

Note that in the case of the AMIA terrorist attack Interpol declared wanted by five citizens of Iran.

Recall that on 18 July 1994 an unknown assailant blew up the car near the building of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. The explosion killed 85 people, 330 others injured. Argentine prosecutors concluded that the attack was Iran and Hezbollah, however, under pressure of President Carlos Menem local law enforcement delay the investigation for 10 years. Only with the coming to power of a new President, néstor Kirchner, the investigation was reopened.

In January 2015, the Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment the day before the hearing in Congress, where he intended to present to Congress the documents supporting his accusations against Argentine President Cristina fernández de Kirchner, foreign Minister Hector Timerman and other high-ranking officials.

Nisman accused them of secret negotiations with Iran regarding the evasion from the issuance of the court responsible for the attacks in Buenos Aires in the 1990-ies in exchange for Iranian oil and weapons.

In 2015 the same year it became known that Iran had financed the election campaign of Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner – in exchange for its policy of «closing eyes» on the involvement of the regime of the ayatollahs in the terrorist attack at the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires (AMIA), as well as nuclear know-how. In this transaction was involved in mediating the late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

According to the Brazilian magazine Veja, in 2007, the Ministry of Finance of Venezuela bought Argentine bonds in the amount of $ 6 billion to cover the debts. The government of Argentina also received cash – one of the above mentioned officials spoke about the famous suitcase Guido Antonioni Wilson, where he was held in the country and undeclared 800,000 dollars, obtained from the Iranians and designed campaign Kirchner.

The AMIA terrorist attack: investigators found DNA of the alleged suicide bomber 05.07.2017

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