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The Argentine government refused to renew the contract with Iran

The new government of Argentina announced that it does not intend to enforce a secret agreement with Iran on joint investigation of the terrorist attack in Buenos Aires, committed in 1994.

Minister of justice Herman Garavano, sworn in on 10 December, said that the government’s not going to challenge in court the decision of unconstitutionality of the agreement.

Earlier it was reported that the newly elected President of Argentina Mauricio Macri intends to cancel this agreement.

Recall that on 18 July 1994 a suicide bomber from Lebanon blew up the car near the building of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. The explosion killed 85 people, 330 people were injured. The Argentine Prosecutor’s office came to the conclusion that behind the attacks were Iran and Hizbullah, however, under pressure of President Carlos Menem local law enforcement authorities have delayed the investigation for 10 years. Only with the coming to power of new President Nestor Kirchner, the investigation was reopened.

The Minister of foreign Affairs under President Cristina Kirchner, héctor Timerman signed with Iran a secret agreement on joint investigation of the attack. The Argentine later the constitutional court declared the Treaty illegal but the government challenged this decision.

Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in late January in his apartment the day before the hearings in Congress, where he intended to present to Congress the documents supporting his accusations against the President of Argentina Cristina fernández de Kirchner, foreign Minister Hector Timerman and other high officials. Nisman accused them of being in secret negotiations with Iran over evasion of issuance of the court responsible for the attacks in Buenos Aires in 1990-ies in exchange for Iranian oil and weapons.

The Argentine government refused to renew the contract with Iran 12.12.2015

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