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The army of the DPRK Google Earth uses pictures taken 6 years ago

The government of North Korea planning rocket attacks, use satellite images, taken six years ago and published on Google Earth.

About it writes on Monday, September 11, the website of the radio station Voice of America.

In the hands of the experts got pictures of Kim Jong-UN, taken a month ago, in which he is discussing with his generals the attack on the island of GUAM. In the background hangs a map of the US air force base Anderson published by Google in 2011. From that time on this territory there were a lot of changes.

In particular, the open area depicted on this map is today the dock area of the aircraft – there are appropriate structures. In addition, a modified configuration of the runways and part of the buildings appearing on the map 2011, today destroyed.

Nick Hanson, the expert of the Center for international security and cooperation at Stanford University, believes that the DPRK does not have the ability to make their own satellite imagery, and forced to use public information.

Pyongyang claims that in 2016 has put into orbit its own satellite, designed ostensibly for weather observations, but this information was not officially confirmed.

The photo published on 15 August the Central channel in South Korea and reprinted today in foreign media testify that either of those statements is a fiction, or a North Korean satellite is not performing its functions.

Recall that Pyongyang threatens US missile strikes on the island of GUAM, thus blackmailing the international community. From August to September this year, Korea has twice conducted missile and nuclear tests. The trajectory of one of the running Korean missile passed over the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

The army of the DPRK Google Earth uses pictures taken 6 years ago 11.09.2017

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