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The arrest of Israeli, wounding Tatiana Felgengauer, has been extended for one month

On Tuesday, October 24, Presnensky court of Moscow extended until December 23 the arrest of 48-year-old citizen of Russia and Israel Boris grits, wounding the journalist of «echo of Moscow» Tatiana Felgengauer.

As reported RIA Novosti, grits partially admitted his guilt and the fact that wounded the Deputy chief editor of radio station «Echo of Moscow». However, he said that he was not going to kill the journalist and asked the court not to remand him in prison, because «not going into hiding».

However, the court Boris Grits was charged with attempted murder. The period of detention was extended by one month. The accused has no plans to appeal the arrest.

Previously, the court appointed psychiatric examination in connection with the condition of the accused.

The attack occurred on Monday, October 23, at about 13:00. The attacker approached the guard at the entrance, sprayed him in the face from a gas spray, ducked under the turnstile and ran towards the editorial station, where slashed Tatiana Felgengauer knife to the throat. She was hospitalized, had surgery. Her condition is currently moderate, non-life-threatening.

About Boris the Grits is as follows: he was born December 26, 1968 in Georgia (USSR). He moved with his mother to Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow state pedagogical University in 1991, majoring in physics teacher. A few years after graduation he immigrated to Israel. The IDF did not serve for health reasons (certificate issued in October 1994). He graduated from the graduate school of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2007 and defended his doctoral thesis. In summary indicated that is a research fellow at the University of California (official confirmation could not be obtained). He wrote that he had collaborated with the hydrometcentre of Russia. In recent years he lived mostly in be’er Sheva, earning tutoring and being in constant job search. In 2016, was a long time in Canada. 24 September 2017 in search of work arrived in Moscow. Lived in a rented apartment in the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy. The purpose of the visit, according to the grits, was employment, as in Israel for a long time could not find work.

About the motives for the attack on Felgengauer, a detainee at the first interrogation said: «the Victim I previously knew only in telepathic contact five years. Telepathic contact was with a 12-year». In response to the question «What prompted you to cause her bodily injury?» he said, «Prompted something that two months she followed me… sexually pursued. Every night, using this telepathic contact, she’d go in and harass me sexually».

Boris grits blogged and also had a page on Facebook. In the recording from September 14, the author wrote that the journalist him «telepathically» harassed, publishes a direct threat to the address of Tatiana Felgengauer: «in a few weeks I arrive in Moscow and, if it does not stop, the consequences can be very unpleasant.»

On 23 October, a journalist of the website spoke with one of the teachers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who worked with Boris Grizim. Our interlocutor noted that ten years ago it was clear that the graduate student is not completely healthy and has mental problems. He remembered how Boris grits, developed the theme «Physics of droplets in turbulence», sent to a seminar devoted to the issues of turbulence, one of the colleges of France. A few days after the start of the workshop supervisor grits received from the graduate student e-mail read: «I feel much better Now. Two of my soul was found. Don’t worry. Now all will be well.» At the same time a letter came to the University from the organizers of the event, in which they reported that the graduate student did not appear on the workshops, and warned that can require from the Hebrew University to return the money that was paid for the participation of Israeli. The question of why he has not formed a scientific career, made me think of our interlocutor. He remembered that Boris was trying to find a job in Israel, USA, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and, according to him, some time worked in the specialty. But, as suggested by our interviewee, employers soon realized that the young scientist «unhealthy», and preferred not to deal with it. On the question of how grits could defend the thesis, our interlocutor said, «you Can be a physicist and nuts. Not a hindrance». The source asked not to specify his name, adding that he agreed to this interview in the hope that it will be possible to convey to the Russian law enforcement bodies: we are talking about a sick person.

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The arrest of Israeli, wounding Tatiana Felgengauer, has been extended for one month 24.10.2017

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