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The artist Pavlenkova left under arrest

The Moscow city court dismissed the complaint for the arrest of the artist Peter Pavlenkova and decided to leave in force the decision of Tagansky court on the conclusion of the artist into custody. The judge also refused to qualify the actions Pavlenkova as «terrorism», reports «Rain».

Pavlensky, who is charged with committing an act of vandalism motivated by ideological hatred, before the meeting required to reclassify his case to terrorism or to consider his action as «a gesture of art».

Infamous artist Petr Pavlensky was detained on the night of Monday, November 9, in Moscow, when you try to set fire to the main entrance to the FSB building.

Previously the artist was prosecuted for a «Freedom» in 2014. Then the activists built barricades and burned tires at a Small Stables bridge in St. Petersburg.

Pavlensky sewed up his mouth, wrapped in barbed wire near the building of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg nailed his scrotum to a stone blocks on red square, and cut off part of his ear, sitting on the fence of the Institute of psychiatry of a name Serbian, the latter action he preferred to spend in the Nude.

The artist Pavlenkova left under arrest 03.12.2015

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