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The Association of chess professionals made a statement about the scandal at the world Cup

Canadian grandmaster Anton Kovalyov left the world chess Cup, held in Tbilisi, after a conflict with one of the organizers of the tournament European chess Union President Zurab azmayparashvili.

The Association of chess professionals has released a statement about what happened and offers to sign the petition published on the website of the organization.

Here is the text of the statement:

«The ACP Council strongly condemns and protests against the actions of Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili as the Organizer of the world Cup.

Intimidation and threats against the player, taking part in Your event, is unacceptable. Even more — if they made right before the party.

The dress code at the tournament were unclear and not even clearly violated their grandmaster Anton Kovalyov, but it is not important, as until that moment, he wasn’t even warned about any potential violations, despite the exact same clothes in the previous rounds. And then, ten minutes before the start of the game, it begins to insult and threaten. Such treatment of any of the players is unacceptable. GM Kovalyov felt he had no other choice but to leave the tournament, and we understand his decision.

Besides, Mr. Azmaiparashvili was not only the Organizer but also Chairman of the Appeal Committee, the only body that can adjust the action of the arbitrators and organizers! This should not be a huge fault lies with FIDE for allowing such a conflict of interest.

We do not expect the reaction of FIDE and not hope that they will do anything to rectify the situation. We appeal to the world chess community and national federations.

Does chess deserve the best? Should we swallow this? Should the players feel like the minor creatures, to take these insults and to submit to any demands? It is time to unite and take a principled stand. If You feel that the time has come to radically change the situation, join our protest and sign this letter.

The Board of the ACP».

The Association of chess professionals made a statement about the scandal at the world Cup 10.09.2017

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