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The Atlantic: the Syrian war has never been more international

«If coming in the victory over ISIS and rebel forces in Syria had to end the seven-year conflict there, about it, nobody notified Iran, Israel, Turkey, Russia and the USA», – the journalist writes The Atlantic URI Friedman.

«This is not just another explosion of violence in a seemingly endless war. This confrontation of the two largest military powers in the world, America and Russia, two members of NATO, America and Turkey and arch-enemies, Israel and Iran,» the author notes.

«This war has never been so international as it has become now… You know, it is always portrayed as such, but it never was so in reality,» says Faysal Itani, an expert of the Atlantic Council (Washington).

«We go from the civil war in Syria in Syrian war», as well as the civil war in Lebanon turned into an international competition over the Lebanese territory in the 1970s and 80s, argues Andrew Tabler, an expert of the Washington Institute for near East policy.

«Now Assad, supported by Iran and Russia, has prevailed over the opposition. But none of these foreign forces is not satisfied with the status quo. As a result, everyone checks to see how far he can go in the protection of their interests – often literally, as in the case of Russia, the US and its various allies fighting for territory on the banks of the Euphrates river», the article says.

«Now the Syrian war at the mercy – says Christopher Phillips, a Syria specialist at Queen Mary University in London. – Now decisions in reality, take the Syrians, with the possible exception of Assad. Foreign intervention in the civil war first took the form of diplomatic support, then economic, then the material support of the military, then direct participation in hostilities… And I see no reason why this should not continue.»

For example, Turkey is not ready to accept the strengthening of the U.S.-backed Kurdish militia. The U.S. appears determined to hold the position in Syria to prevent the resurgence of terrorist groups and thwart the plans of Iran to expand its influence in the Eastern Mediterranean. Israel supports the intention of America to counter Iran, the article says.

«Meanwhile, Russia seeks to preserve yourself friendly government in Damascus and the military presence in the Mediterranean, putting yourself in the position of world leader like America,» the newspaper writes. The Iranians «are trying to create long-term strategic military infrastructure in Syria, to build a plant for the production of missiles to carry precision-guided munitions,» says Itani. Both state «do not like the fact that the US cannot leave the country», says Tabler.

However, ultimately Turkey and Russia are not going to go to war with the US over Syria, said Tabler. Isolated incidents are possible, but the administration of trump «while demonstrating accuracy in the methods of intervention in Syria, and it prevents being bogged down in the conflict.» Most likely, according to Tabler, out of control can leave the conflict between Israel and Iran.

«I would expect an escalation of the conflict, but [less] questions about who will prevail in Syria,» predicts Phillips. In his opinion, the situation is clearly leaning in favor of Russia and Iran, which have invested in this war. «They’re not going to back down on this,» he says.

The Atlantic: the Syrian war has never been more international 15.02.2018

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