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The attack in Holomisa: policies require the execution of a murderer

After the terrorist attack in the settlement of Halamish, in which were killed Josem Salomon, Haya Salomon and Elad Daniel Salomon, has created the demand to sentence a terrorist to death.

First, this requirement was announced by the Minister of transport and reconnaissance Yisrael Katz. «You need to apply the death penalty against this monster that killed three people. If not shot out the terrorist soldiers, there would be more victims», — said the Minister. According to Katz, the military court allows to impose the death penalty, but army prosecutors, as a rule, does not resort to the use of this penalty. «This is one of those times when you want to apply this form of punishment,» said Katz.

At the meeting of the military-political Cabinet on 23 July Yisrael Katz intends to demand the death penalty for a terrorist who committed a terrorist attack in the settlement Halamish.

A similar appeal was made by the Minister of education and head of the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett. «There is a possibility to apply the death penalty, it does not need to approve any laws. It is only necessary that the Prosecutor’s office demanded. I encourage her to do this and achieve the execution of the terrorist who killed the family of Salomon».

Knesset member from the party «Israel Our home» Oded Forer sent a legal adviser to the government of Avihay Mandelblit and chief military Prosecutor Sharon afeku emergency treatment. The MP urged them to include in an indictment that will be filed against a terrorist who killed three family members Salomon in the settlement of Halamish, the requirement of the death penalty.

«This requirement is especially relevant in light of the fact that the killers of five members of the Fogel family who committed a similar crime 6 years ago, now sit in jail in a comfortable environment at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer. Furthermore, they parallel to get a «salary» from the leadership of Palestinskoy autonomy, which did not even bother to condemn the current terrible crime,» said Oded Forer.

The attack in Holomisa: policies require the execution of a murderer 23.07.2017

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