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The attack in Manchester: data about the bomber, the security services fear of new attacks

UK authorities fear that the terrorist attack in Manchester was just the first action group, intentional to carry out a series of attacks in the Kingdom. Judging by the statements of officials, quoted by media, intelligence agencies have information about the preparation of new terrorist attacks. The level of preparedness for the terrorist threat in UK raised to the maximum.

— After the explosion at the concert Ariana Grande in Manchester. Photos

Who is behind the organization of the terrorist attack in Manchester, is unclear. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by «Islamic state». But there is evidence that the perpetrator of the terrorist act was connected with «al-Qaeda».

The head of police of the County of greater Manchester Ian Hopkins said that the terrorist attack in Manchester has made 22-year-old Salman, Abadi. According to the publication the Telegraph, Salman, Abadi was born in 1994 in Manchester. He was the second of four children in a family of immigrants from Libya. His parents came to the UK in 1980-ies, fleeing from the Gaddafi regime.

According to Telegraph, in the Muslim community of Manchester were rumors that the whole family, Abadi, with the exception of the two eldest sons, returned to Libya.

Earlier it became known that the police searched a house near the residence of Salman and possibly detained his 23-year-old brother Ismail, Abadi.

The website of the American TV channel NBC News writes with reference to the representative of American intelligence involved in the investigation of the terrorist attack in Manchester that Salman, Abadi was associated with «al-Qaeda» and received special training abroad. He was identified after the explosion in Bank card found in his pocket, was later conducted additional identification of the individual terrorist with a special recognition technologies.

The NBC said that in the past year, Salman, Abedi been in Libya. It is noted that, although it was «obvious connection» with the «al-Qaeda», he may have had contact with other terrorist groups. The family of Salman in the past informed law enforcement that he could be dangerous.

The bomb detonated Salman, Abedi had a complex design and contain materials that are hard to find in the UK. According to intelligence agencies, it clearly indicates that the suicide bomber had help. Including why the investigators believe that the terrorist attack in Manchester, the group is planning new attacks..

Late in the evening of 22 may in the hall of the Manchester Arena, which hosted the concert of American pop singer Ariana Grande, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device. The attack killed at least 22 people, and about 60 people were injured.

The explosion occurred in the lobby of the concert hall at about 22:30 local time, just after Ariana Grande finished his speech and the audience headed for the exit. The singer was not injured.


As of the morning of 24 may, published just some of the names of the victims. The UK authorities do not publish official list of victims.

The British media at the moment called 10 names of the dead. Among them there are children that went to the concert, and parents expecting their children to the exit.

Saffi Rose Roussos, 8
Georgina Bethany Collander, 18
Olivia Campbell, 15
John Atkinson, 26
Kelly Brewster, 32
Megan Harley, 11
Alison Howe, 44
Liza Liz, 43
Marcin Klis, about 40 years old
Angelique Klis, about 40 years old

Information about the victims specified.

The press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel published a preliminary information that has no information about Israeli citizens among the dead or wounded in the attack in Manchester.

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The attack in Manchester: data about the bomber, the security services fear of new attacks 24.05.2017

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