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The attack in Manchester: new data, the names of almost all dead

The investigation of the suicide bombing attacks perpetrated in the evening of may 22, after a concert by American singer Ariana Grande stadium Manchester Arena. Victims of this attack were 22 people, more than 60 were wounded (about 20 of them in critical or critical state).

Previously named executor of the attack: 22-year-old Salman, Abadi, a native of Manchester Libyan origin. There is information about his links with «al-Qaeda». But the responsibility for the attack took on itself the «Islamic state».

In the UK imposed a ban on the disclosure of information about the investigation. But the American media published details of the investigation that causes resentment of the British authorities. According to the newspaper The Guardian, Prime Minister Theresa may intends to protest the US President Donald Trump in connection with the leak of classified information in American media.

The American media before the British called the name of the terrorist, and published information about it. The website of the newspaper the New York Times published photos of the fuse of a homemade bomb. The website of the TV channel NBC News talked about the alleged links of the musician with terrorist organizations and how he was identified. ABC News publishes an interrogation of the younger brother of a terrorist residing in Libya, according to which he knew about the impending attack.

But British media published information that was not given to the journalists by the police. For example, the TV channel Sky News released footage of the recording of the security cameras in the Mall Arndale, where a young man, similar to the first Abadi withdraws money from an ATM and then buys a backpack, which, apparently, later put a bomb.

It is known that in the UK and Libya in the framework of the investigation of the terrorist attack in Manchester were detained about ten people, including relatives of the terrorist. At least one of the detainees in Manchester were later released.


As of the morning of 25 may, published almost all of the names of the victims. But UK authorities still have not published an official list of victims.

Among the victims are the children who were with the concert, and parents expecting their children to the exit.

Saffi Rose Roussos, 8
Georgina Bethany Collander, 18
Olivia Campbell, 15
John Atkinson, 26
Kelly Brewster, 32
Megan Harley, 11
Alison Howe, 45
Liza Liz, 47
Marcin Klis, about 40 years old
Angelique Klis, about 40 years old
Jane Tweedle-Taylor, 51
Martin Hett, 29
Nell Jones, 14
Michelle Kiss, 45
Chloe Rutherford, 17
Liam Kerry, 19
Sorrell Leczkowski, 14

It is known that among the victims was a police officer, whose name is not yet known. Her husband was very seriously injured, their two children also injured.

Information about the victims specified.

The attack in Manchester: new data, the names of almost all dead 25.05.2017

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