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The attack in the Culvert: three dead, terrorist eliminated

On Friday, March 23, in the commune of Trèbes in the South of France was made an armed attack on visitors of a supermarket Super U. the building stormed by an attacker, armed with knives, pistols and grenades. According to eyewitnesses, he shouted: «Allah Akbar!».

The majority of staff Super U and the buyers managed to leave the building, but the attacker, who called himself «a soldier of the Islamic state», seized more than ten hostages. Two of them were killed. The exact number of wounded is still unknown: in the media we are talking about three and about seventeen victims.

To the group of hostages, not to arouse suspicion from terrorists, managed to join soldier in the intervention Group of the gendarmerie Nationale of France (GIGN), an elite anti-terrorist unit.

Two hours later, the hostages were released. Two people were killed. The building remained a terrorist and the last of the hostages, an employee of the GIGN. It was reported that the terrorist demanded the release of Salah Abdella, one of the main organizers of the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, which were killed 130 people.

After about an hour of the French La Depeche reported that the terrorists who seized the hostages in the Required shot. According to the reporter, who was present at the scene, the building of a supermarket on the street ran from the officer of the gendarmerie, shouting: «He’s dead, he’s dead!».

Police have established the identity of the terrorist. That’s a 26-year-old native of Morocco, a resident of Carcassonne, Redouane Lakdim. Currently, it is believed that he had no accomplices. He was known to police, but was not listed among radical Islamists.

Apparently, the same terrorist to hostage taking in the supermarket stole a car, killing its owner and injuring another man and then tried to run over a police special forces soldiers, who run around Carcassonne (next to Trebon). Then he opened fire on the special forces of the French national police (CRS), injuring one of them. The life of a COP is not in danger.

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The attack in the Culvert: three dead, terrorist eliminated 23.03.2018

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