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The attack on the Temple mount: Turkey and Egypt are appalled, the Arab League and Jordan condemn Israel

The attack made the day before three Israeli Arabs on the Temple mount in Jerusalem, caused controversy in the Muslim world.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Egypt, expressed «huge regret over the violent incident on the Temple mount,» noting that it can have a negative impact on international efforts to resume Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. Egyptian guide called on both sides to exercise restraint and not to launch a «vicious circle of violence.»

The Turkish foreign Ministry expressed «regret about the incident on the Temple mount and at the loss of lives.» At the same time, Ankara has called for open access to the mosque «al-Aqsa» and as quickly as possible to restore calm.

At the same time, the spokesperson of the Jordanian government harshly condemned Israel for closing access to the temple mount, putting forward allegations of violation of the status quo and stating that the Hashemite Kingdom will use all available means to prevent attempts to change the legal and historical status quo in Jerusalem.

The Israeli foreign Ministry rejected demands Jordan, saying that «instead of condemning the terrorist attack in Amman chose to condemn Israel.» According to the foreign Ministry statement, «all parties, including Jordan, should remain calm and not add fuel to the fire.»

The Arab League issued a statement calling for «immediate open mosque «al-Aqsa» and stop attempts to change the status quo in Jerusalem.»

According to the statement of the Arab League, Israel’s actions can have dangerous consequences for the region, the Arab countries and the Islamic world.

The Arab League also expressed support for «the residents of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, takes a stand to defend «al-Aqsa».

The attack on the Temple mount: Turkey and Egypt are appalled, the Arab League and Jordan condemn Israel 15.07.2017

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