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The attacks in Catalonia, an accident are not allowed to use «mother of Satan»

All the leading Spanish media reports on Sunday, August 20, that a group of terrorists based in Alcanar, planned to blow up the temple of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) is one of the symbols of Barcelona. In the case if they were able to implement their plans in the Catalan capital could kill dozens or even hundreds of people.

Based on the available information, of the mass killing the terrorists were going to use triperoxide acetone (this explosive is also referred to as «mother of Satan») and gas cylinders. Perhaps the temple to be attacked with car bombs.

For military purposes triperoxide acetone is almost never used because of its volatility and sensitivity to shocks, heat and other external influences, making the process of creating explosive devices on the basis of this substance is dangerous (it is for this reason triperoxide acetone called «mother of Satan»), said RIA Novosti.

The plans of terrorists were foiled by accident: an explosion occurred in the house that they filmed in Alcanar, in which several attackers were killed. The militants had to relocate and change the plan of attack: select the implementation of a series of car bombings and attacks with bladed weapons.

The police of Catalonia found 106 butane tanks at the blast site in Alcanar.

The newspaper Le Parisien wrote about a couple of elderly French people who lived in the neighborhood with the militants and pointed out their suspicious behavior. However, these people did not dare to contact the police.

Information about terrorists

The website of the newspaper El Espanol publishes the names of 12 alleged terrorists from the cell, noting that the identities of some of the dead militants are established. 18-year-old Musa Kabir (it is considered responsible for a car attack in Barcelona) was killed during anti-terrorist operation in Barcelona, on the night of August 18. Along with him were eliminated: Omar Hisami, Muhammad Hisami, Hussein Abacus, said Alla (all of them were not over 24 years). These five were of Moroccan origin but born and raised in Spain.

It was reported that to rent a camper Fiat Talento Musa Kabir stole the passport of his 28-year-old brother. After the attack on La Rambla, the elder brother of the terrorist Drys Kabir voluntarily came to the police to declare his innocence in the terrorist attack. However, he was arrested.

Arrested four suspects: Salah al-Karib, Muhammad Huli Semlali (was wounded in the explosion in Alcanar), Muhammad, Alla, dries Kabir.

Three alleged terrorists wanted by law enforcement agencies of Spain: ‘Abd al-Baqi al-Sati’s (the Imam of the city Ripoll), Yusuf Allan and Eunice Abuaku.

Special services Spain assume that all these terrorists were recruited in Ripoll (Girona) emissaries «Islamic state».

It should be noted that information about terrorists is contradictory. Some Spanish media claim to have arrested all the suspects.

The attacks in Catalonia. August 17-18 2017

On 17 August at about 17:05 local time, a white van Fiat Talento drove onto the sidewalk pedestrian street on the Boulevard of La Rambla and made arrival on people in the area between Plaza de Catalunya and the Opera house Liceu. The attacker went on the sidewalk from the Plaza Catalunya, the Boqueria market is approximately 530 metres – hard to bring down as many people as possible. He then jumped out of the car and fled the scene. Later it became known that the terrorist had accomplices.

Shortly after «car attack» received information that one of the terrorists barricaded themselves in a Turkish restaurant Luna de Estambul the Boqueria market, keeping in hostages of visitors of an institution. About two hours police negotiated with a terrorist. He released the hostages and then surrendered to police.

The Boulevard was cordoned off by police and security personnel. People who have found refuge in the moment of the attack in cafes and restaurants located on the strip and couldn’t leave for three to four hours.

For fear that one of the terrorists went underground, was stopped by traffic not only in the district of Catalonia, but throughout the city.

Shortly after the attack on La Rambla, at the checkpoint on the outskirts of Barcelona, the driver of the car ignored the police request to stop. He drove the car at police, knocking three of them. Police opened fire on the car. It was reported that the driver was shot. Later it became known that the owner of the car was not involved in assaults on police officers, as by the time he was stabbed, his corpse attackers planted in the passenger seat.

The government of Catalonia has declared three days of mourning for the victims of the attack.

Grouping «Islamic state» declared its responsibility for the attack.

In the night of Friday, August 18, the police of Catalonia announced the counter-terrorist operation in the town of Cambrils (province of Tarragona), South of Barcelona. Law enforcement authorities appealed to residents of the city with an appeal not to leave their homes. According to police, during the operation, was liquidated five alleged terrorists. In a shootout several people were injured. According to reports the Spanish media, the Audi A3, which were the terrorists who shot down at least seven pedestrians, but then the criminals are faced with a patrol of the Mossos d’esquadra and the shooting began, during which the terrorists were eliminated. In the car found some dummy «belts of shahids». A connection between these Islamists and the perpetrators of the attack in Barcelona.

The names of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Catalonia

In total, 14 people were killed, 140 were injured and injuries.

Francisco Lopez Rodriguez, 56 (Spain)

Javier Martinez, 3 years (Spain)

Pepita Codina, 75 (Spain)

Elke Vanbockel, 44 (Belgium)

Bruno Gulotta, 35 years (Italy)

Luca Russo, 25 years old (Italy)

Jared Tucker, age 42 (USA)

Pablo Perez, 32 years (Spain), murdered by terrorists who stole his car

Ian Moore Wilson (Canada)

Also among the victims were 74-year-old woman who came to Barcelona from Lisbon (Portugal).

The German authorities confirmed the death of three of its citizens.

Australian media reported that the «missing» Australian citizen 7-year-old Julian Cadman, his mother Jomo Cadman hospitalized in serious condition.

Among the victims in the attack were citizens of 35 countries: Australia, Austria, Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, great Britain, Hungary, Venezuela, Germany, Honduras, Greece, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Kuwait, Mauritius, Macedonia, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, the Philippines, France, Ecuador.

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The attacks in Catalonia, an accident are not allowed to use «mother of Satan» 20.08.2017

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