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The attempted terrorist attack in Australia: a bomb to blow up the plane was disguised as a meat grinder

Australian investigators found that the two terrorists had intended to plant a bomb on Board the Etihad Airways flight that took off from Sydney on July 15.

As reported by Reuters, an explosive device, whose components were transmitted through the channels of the «Islamic state» and delivered by airmail from Turkey, was disguised as a meat grinder.

Two of the four detained suspects, 49-year-old Khalid Mahmoud Hayato and 32-year-old Mahmoud Hayato, charged with the preparation and planning of a terrorist attack, reports RIA Novosti.

The investigation established that the defendants assembled the bomb according to the instructions of the commander of the IG to lay ready an explosive device on Board the aircraft, the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

Recall that on 29 July in Sydney, was arrested four native of Lebanon, members of the same family who planned a terrorist attack in the style of ISIS: they had intended to blow up the plane, a flight from Sydney to Dubai, laying in the cabin of the aircraft a homemade bomb.

The newspaper the Australian wrote that the attackers acting in concert with militants in Syria were planning to poison passengers poisonous gas.

The Federal police in cooperation with the police of the state of New South Wales and counterintelligence ASIO conducted specrada in several areas of the city and arrested four men connected by ties of kinship.

At all airports in Australia last week reinforced security measures.

The largest terrorist attack in Australia were committed in 2014. In Sydney armed man took hostage 17 visitors and employees of the coffee shop Lindt — manufacturer of chocolate brands. He posted in the window of the Islamic flag and demanded talks with the Prime Minister of the country. He was eliminated during the storming of the building.

The attempted terrorist attack in Australia: a bomb to blow up the plane was disguised as a meat grinder 04.08.2017

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