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The attitude of «Stalin», «Putin» and «Bandera» symbolism in Israel. The Survey

Sunday, October 22, editorial appealed to readers to send us photographs taken in Israel, which in varying degrees, demonstrate support Israelis policy of the current Russian leadership, solidarity with the great-Russian, or Soviet Communist ideology, the use of images of the Russian and Soviet leaders for commercial purposes.

Have received many emails and comments, but few of them contained photographs relevant to the announced theme. Often commenters – both supporters and opponents of the policies of the current Russian government is quite nervous, and sometimes aggressively responded to the initiative of the publisher.

However, we are grateful to all who responded to our initiative and in the review did not allow insults.

From the collection of photos, we talked about the fact that will publish a photo gallery if such pictures there are enough, and that we plan to conduct a survey among the readers. In the end, we decided to limit the publication of a small number of photographs and survey, during which we hope to find out the attitude of readers to the policy of the current Russian and Ukrainian leadership, to the manifestations of Russian nationalism to the emergence of a «Stalin», «Putin» or «Bandera» symbolism in Israel, the presidential elections in Russia, etc.

Our task initially was not collecting information about the businesses or the people who think it is acceptable to use «Putin» and «Stalinist» symbolism in Israel. We wanted to understand how this phenomenon is widespread and noticeable. Hope that will help us in this online survey.

The attitude of «Stalin», «Putin» and «Bandera» symbolism in Israel. To participate in the survey
(you have to answer 18 questions)

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The attitude of «Stalin», «Putin» and «Bandera» symbolism in Israel. The Survey 23.10.2017

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