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The attorney General of new York filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company

The attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman on Sunday, February 11, filed a civil lawsuit against the brothers Harvey and Robert Vistanow and their company the Weinstein Company in connection with sexual harassment, according to RIA Novosti.

— «The effect of a Weinstein» and other sexual scandals 2017

The action may have serious consequences for the company, which is ready for sale after the scandal and the departure of its founder Harvey Weinstein.

The lawsuit claimed that the Weinstein Company has repeatedly violated the laws of new York, not protecting its employees from the constant sexual harassment, humiliation and discrimination. Thus, «selling the Weinstein Company will have to provide compensation to victims, protection of employees in the future, as well as to offenders and their assistants were not enriched in the illegal way,» said Schneiderman.

According to the Prosecutor, during the four month investigation revealed a number of new facts testifying to the violation of the law. According to him, Harvey Weinstein threatened its employees with death and said that is associated with the special services that will help him to get rid of unhappy. In addition, Weinstein contained three groups of women employees, said in a lawsuit. The first group was involved in the selection of women for Weinstein, the second is the planning sexual life producer, the third included mostly women managers who picked up the work for those who are lost to the harassment of the businessman. Weinstein was trading with Actresses, promising them promotion in his career in exchange for sex, according to the lawsuit. It also describes several specific cases of harassment in 2014-2015 in relation to the employees of the company.

Employees of the Weinstein made reference to his preferences, which the company called «the Bible», and was guided by them for the selection of potential victims, and drivers Weinstein always had to have a condom and finished injection of drugs from erectile dysfunction, says the lawsuit.

Also stated that the co-owner of Robert Weinstein was responsible for the security jobs, but instead allowed his brother to create unhealthy atmosphere in the company. Harvey Weinstein inside the company had filed numerous complaints, but none of them had conducted a proper investigation, say prosecutors.

Dozens of Actresses and models in 2017-2018 accused Harvey Weinstein of rape or harassment. On the background of these accusations, the famous producer was excluded from the American Academy and fired from his own company, The Weinstein Company, and later took the decision to withdraw from the Directors Guild of America. In particular, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual crimes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Rosanna Arquette, look, Judith, Gordes, Katherine Kendall, dawn Dunning, Natasia Malta, Paz de La Huerta, Uma Thurman.

November 3, 2017, the representative of the new York city police announced at a press conference that the police intend to arrest Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on charges of rape. At the press conference it was stressed that the police have «reliable description» from a woman who was a victim of Weinstein seven years ago.

The attorney General of new York filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company 12.02.2018

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