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The attorney General recommends that prosecuted ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy

The Prosecutor’s office of France recommends to give at the trial of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy, who currently heads the party «the Republicans» and participating in the presidential race. Law enforcement transferred him to the status of a suspect in the case on violation of the rules of financing of election campaign of 2012, during which he yielded to the socialist Hollande.

This scandal was ironically called by press «Pygmalion» writes on Monday, September 5, the news service of the BBC.

The results of a lengthy investigation indicate that four years ago, Sarkozy, who was then a post of the leader of the party UMP, falsified accounts in order to conceal from the authorities of 18 million euros spent on the presidential campaign. Note that the law does not permit exceed the level of expenses on advertising, which amounts to 22.5 million euros.

The former President rejects the allegations, arguing that the money disposed of his subordinates.
Note that the recommendations of the Prosecutor are not the law – the final decision on the matter will have to the investigating authorities

The Prosecutor, however, insists that Sarkozy is solely responsible for the ongoing campaign, and also claims that he was warned at the time about the dangers of exceeding the limits of funding.

Presidential elections in France is scheduled for spring 2017. If Sarkozy wins, he will get diplomatic immunity. According to the laws of the country, the President will be spared from prosecution until the end of the presidential term in 2022.

The attorney General recommends that prosecuted ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy 05.09.2016

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