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The author of the book «How I saved the marriage» was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife

Last week the district court in Florida sentenced to life imprisonment 33-year-old writer Derek Medina, an expert in the field of family problems, killed his wife, writes the Inquisitr.

A jury found him guilty of premeditated murder, although Medina argued that this crime was committed in self-defense: he allegedly shot his wife in response to physical violence on her part. The lawyer said that the woman had threatened his client with a knife.

However, further actions of the accused contradict these claims: immediately after the murder, Medina posted on the social network Facebook photo of a bloody corpse and captioned, «Rip Jennifer Alfonso».

After this «post» he was arrested and taken into custody, but despite this, he continued to put on the blog pages the details of the crime: «I’m going to prison or to death for the murder of his wife. Guys, I love you and will miss you. Take care of yourself and look at me in the news». Later judge Yvonne Kolodnoe, imposed the sentence, said that he «predicted his fate».

The jury didn’t believe Derek: they said that the wife was discharged in the whole clip. In addition Medina weighs more than 90 kg, height 182 cm, and the growth of his spouse does not exceed 150 inches.

According to the findings of the medical examiner, all eight bullets into the body of Jennifer were released on top, reports the website of the TV channel FOX 11 Los Angeles. In other words, she crouched, cramped in the corner of the kitchen, and the husband was shot in cold blood at close range, standing over her.

Derek Medina wrote six books, one of which looks today as a farce: «How I saved the life, marriage and family through communication». The book is available in electronic form for $ 20.

Medina and Alfonso had been twice married to each other. Their first Union dissolved three years later, and in April 2012 they reconciled and got married again.

The author of the book «How I saved the marriage» was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife 08.02.2016

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