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The authorities of Marseilles have eliminated the city’s largest camp of Roma

The authorities of the port city of Marseille took to the evacuation of the largest within its territory of the Roma camp, located on the Boulevard Magallon, where lived about 250 people. By the time of the arrival of the police the inhabitants of the camp have already left their homes and started looking for a new place of residence.

About it writes on Thursday, July 6, the French newspaper La Provence.

«They were forced to leave all their belongings… hundreds of children were educated in this quarter, and everything you need to start over, it’s cruel» – quotes words of the representative of local authorities, news Agency RIA Novosti

The evacuation was carried out at the request of the municipality of Marseilles, the owner of the land, which plans to build on the site of a natural camp Centre for the emergency placement of migrants.

The newspaper reminds that in November of last year in the district of Moscow metro station «Stalingrad» was completely evacuated, a spontaneous camp for migrants, where there were about 3.800 people.

Previously, the French authorities dismantled a camp for migrants in Calais in Northern France, known as «the jungle» – more than 5.500 former inhabitants of the camp found shelter in special centers in different cities of France.

The authorities of Marseilles have eliminated the city’s largest camp of Roma

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