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The baby, who spent 15 hours in the freezer of the morgue, suddenly came to life

Crematorium workers in the Chinese city of Panan, Zhejiang province in the East of the country, has canceled the previously planned cremation: an infant, who died yesterday as a result of heart failure, suddenly came to life and started breathing.

About this amazing incident wrote on Tuesday, February 9, the newspaper the Express Tribune, citing the AFP news Agency and local TV.

In a note it is specified that the boy was declared dead a day ago. He spent 15 hours in the morgue refrigerator where the temperature did not exceed -12 degrees Celsius.

The boy who was born prematurely, was in the hospital incubator for 23 days, after which the parents took him home to celebrate the New year according to the Chinese calendar. But last week his condition deteriorated and the baby returned to the hospital, and on 4 February the doctors said that the baby’s heart stopped beating.

Before you put the corpse of the child in the freezer, the father wrapped it in several layers of material and placed in the bag, hoping thereby to revive his son.

Doctors say that never before this case has not encountered anything like this. However, they doubt that the boy will be able to recover from the incident and all the vital organs will bounce back.

The baby, who spent 15 hours in the freezer of the morgue, suddenly came to life 09.02.2016

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