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The Bank of Israel warned of a «phishing» against PayPal users

Sunday, February 4, the Bank of Israel has issued a warning about the increasing cases of «phishing» to gain access to credit cards and Bank accounts of Israelis.

The Bank of Israel begins with the standard reminder that the revolution in the field of computer technology has simplified access to banking services, enabling customers to solve many issues with a computer or mobile phone, but also spawned a new kind of fraud. Israeli banks have invested heavily in protection, but they will not help if customers are not careful.

The Bank of Israel reports that in recent weeks have been several attempts to defraud Bank customers with the help of computer technology. According to this report, the Israeli banks had suffered minimal damage.

In particular, the Bank of Israel warns of attempts to steal data to their accounts PayPal, which many Israelis pay for goods and services on the Internet.

Fraudsters send out emails in English or Hebrew with a request to confirm account details because allegedly there are suspicions that the customer’s account is being used by a third party. The link is to a sibling site of PayPal, where the customer is invited to enter details, which are then used by the fraudsters to steal money from the account. Several accounts of Israelis were hacked.

According to the Bank of Israel, Israeli banks have lost tens of thousands of shekels. The case of each customer considered separately, and in this phishing attack, none of the common customers lost their money.

The Bank of Israel cited several rules that should be followed to the Israelites in order to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

1. In any case, do not send by mail your account details or other information used for identification (date of birth, first residence, childhood nickname, etc.), even if «the author» makes a compelling, in your opinion, the reasons to tell him this information. The Bank or PayPal will never ask you to provide this information in the letter.

2. Enter the address of the Bank website directly into the address bar of the browser, refraining from referring site via links (links).

3. Please note the disclaimer at the beginning of the letter. If the letter is written in Hebrew, your name will be written in Hebrew. And the appeal will be personal, not General «dear customer».

4. No less attention should be paid to messages received via SMS or WhatsApp.

5. It is recommended that the computer and phone to have protection from phishing attacks and timely update the operating system.

The Bank of Israel warned of a «phishing» against PayPal users 05.02.2018

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