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The Bank of Israel will present a new bill 200 shekels

On Wednesday, 16 December, the Bank of Israel will officially unveil the new banknote of the denomination 200 new shekels. This is the second banknote of the new series.

Unlike run 50-scaleway banknotes launched into circulation in 2014, this time the Bank of Israel will not conduct the ceremony of official presentation of the new banknotes to the President of the country.

The new 200-scaleway blue banknote shows the portrait of poet, translator and journalist Nathan Alterman on the occasion. Banknote is made of specially processed cotton, has high wear resistance and is equipped with the most modern security features against counterfeiting.

On the obverse of the banknote depicts the portrait of the poet against the background of falling leaves. Unlike the previous series of banknotes, on which the portrait was depicted vertically, the new banknotes portrait is placed horizontally.

The reverse of the banknote bears an image of vegetation in the moonlight, reminiscent of the poem «Meeting», as well as the line from «Morning song».

Banknotes of the previous series (series «Beth» the new shekel, which was put into circulation in 1999) will continue to be in circulation, and you can use them for several years. When banknotes of the previous series will appear in the Bank of Israel, where the staff will gradually be replaced with banknotes of the new series. In the future, the Bank of Israel will publish detailed guidance concerning the time of the termination of the exchange of banknotes held by the population.

Recall that in 2014 the turnover was running the banknote 50 shekels. In the coming years will be replaced by banknotes 20 and 100 NIS.

The security features on the banknote 200 sheqalim, the verification of which does not require special equipment

Transparent image – watermarks in the form of a portrait, is identical to that depicted on the banknote and its denomination.

Microperforation of the denomination – denomination banknotes(200) depicted in its upper part in the form of very fine holes.

The thread in «the window» – security thread of blue-violet woven into the bill, is visible in the three «Windows», located on its reverse side. When you change the angle of the thread changes its color from blue to purple.
Relief ink – the portrait, the signature of the Governor of the Bank of Israel, the Jewish year and the Gregorian calendar, texts in three languages, as well as a special feature for the blind on the margins of the banknote printed in raised ink.

The light bar is transparent the light bar passes across the banknote next to the portrait. When you turn on the strip alternately appear and disappear is the emblem of the menorah and the denomination of the banknote.

Gilded book – design element in the gilded form of an open book. When tilting the banknote book is changing gold to green, and set on it a horizontal bar moves up and down.

Signs for the blind and visually impaired

Different length of banknotes – banknotes of the new series differ from each other by their length (step 7 millimeters).

Margin lines on the bottom margin of the banknote, there are four pairs of stripes are printed in raised ink

The figures of denomination – large dark numbers printed in raised ink on a light background and a dark background printed light figures.

The Bank of Israel will present a new bill 200 shekels 16.12.2015

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