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The birth of «poluyanenko-half man» in South Africa, has caused panic

Recently, social media are widely dispersed photo «poluyanenko-the half-man» born in South Africa. It was also reported that the birth of a strange creature caused panic on the farm. There were rumors about what was done «black magic» and the farm is now cursed.

As reported by the website IOL, the Department of rural development and agrarian reform Eastern Cape confirmed that the photo is genuine: this creature was dead in Lady Frere.

However, the Director of veterinary services Lubabalo Mrwebi explained that although this creature does not seem human, it is irrelevant to the human race.

According to Dr. Mrwebi, we are talking about the stillborn lamb sheep, which in the early period of pregnancy have caught the fever rift valley. The chief veterinary officer recalled that, in humans 23 pairs of chromosomes, while in sheep 28, and therefore the birth of «poluyanenko-half man» is impossible.

Superstitious villagers living in fear after sheep gives birth to half-human half-beast’ #NewsGrit

— News Grit (@NewsGrit) June 22, 2017

The birth of «poluyanenko-half man» in South Africa, has caused panic 23.06.2017

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