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The Bishop of Piraeus: the Holocaust, the crisis and same-sex marriage is the work of «Zionist monster»

Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus, one of the most influential spiritual leaders of Greece, blamed the new law expanding rights of same-sex couples, on the «Zionist monster».

In a statement published on the official website of the city, the Bishop States that this bill was the result of «the continuing war against the true faith», which seems to lead the «world Zionist monster» that controls his government.

Seraphim threatens to rupture relations with the Church of legislators will support the bill in a vote scheduled for Tuesday, December 22. The priest is convinced that such laws distort the relationship of the sexes and destroy traditional family.

Recall that Bishop Seraphim had repeatedly allowed himself anti-Semitic comments. So, in 2010, he said in an interview with Greek TV, that the Jews orchestrated the Holocaust, and the financial crisis, which remains today his country. However, he later clarified: these accusations – his personal view, not reflecting the position of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The bill in question, provides same-sex couples the same tax benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex spouses and strengthens their right to inherit property.

Jewish news Agency JTA notes that this bill is extremely unpopular in Greece, but the European court of justice threatens the country with sanctions for discrimination in the event of failure.

We will remind that at present Greece is one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe – 69% of the population admitted in a survey that they feel toward the Jews negative feelings.

The Bishop of Piraeus: the Holocaust, the crisis and same-sex marriage is the work of «Zionist monster» 21.12.2015

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