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The bomb squad of the Israel police: so are professionals. Report

Department of explosives is considered to be the elite of the Israeli police. According to the staff, to get here is no easier than in summer courses. The selection process lasts several months. Then – long training course. However, experts say, to get a fully trained police officer, sapper, required five years of work.

In the structure of the unit includes a design Department, where employees work to improve equipment, special laboratory and a group of psychologists, helping engineers to cope with stress caused by work.

Accompany the explosives division for the release of hostages and the protection of the first persons of the state. There they are on the customs, including in the mail. In the management of the tel Aviv district on four machines, equipped with everything necessary for the disposal of dangerous items. Their task – 15 minutes to arrive anywhere in tel Aviv.

Employees of the Department had to neutralize the rockets and suicide bombs. Explosives found in items that at first glance do not cause suspicions: packages for milk, bottles of shampoo, guitars, computers. The so-called «criminal attacks» are often more dangerous than the actions of the Arab terrorists, criminal groups engage former soldiers from engineer units of the IDF.

In order not to risk human lives, involve robots with remote control. American ANDROS has changed a lot since 2003, when he joined the Arsenal of police: the wheels were replaced by caterpillar, the electric drive «tentacles» became hydraulic. Now, the robot is able to fire on suspicious object. It is equipped with interchangeable nozzles depending on the problem confronting him.

To work in the premises is still used orange Bambi, but a veteran of the police it is time for a well deserved rest – is replaced by a new British robot.

For the most serious work is intended Shocker, adapted from an American tractor Bobcat. It is easy to flip the car or dig the unexploded Iranian «Fajar».

Among other technical means used by the police – the quadrocopter. They allow you to inspect from the air the scene of the explosion, to ensure no unexploded charges or ambushes. However often have to rely on their intuition and sense of smell of a dog. Their dogs have the bomb squad there – if necessary involve the police dog handlers.

Manual demining is used in extreme cases when there is no possibility to use robot or to evacuate people, and there is a danger of explosion. In such situations, it is necessary to act without delay, risking their lives. And the task of the bomb is more difficult than to determine which wire to cut red or green.

It is considered that the engineers are wrong once. EOD Sergei Schwab does not share this view. «Purely professionally, I believe that this saying is not true. You always gain experience, and how to do it without errors? We are all human. Be wrong, of course, better in exercises, not in a combat situation. And after each error carefully investigated in order to understand what benefits can be learned. Main thing is that these mistakes are not repeated,» he says.

Our source started the service in 1998 as soldiers of the border guard. Then – service in the special forces. For more than six years working as a demolitions. «Saving lives, helping people, the need for continuous improvement – that’s what brought me here. In addition, it is an elite unit, very few manage to get here», – says Sergey.

All that is required of the shooter is in the van of General Motors, where he arrives on a call. Equipment is arranged so that it is possible to get outside through the open Windows. In the cabin – not only stock everything you need. The machine carries the robot. EOD manages, without leaving the salon.

Bomb protection – Kevlar tactical suit. This Israeli development much easier 35-pound canadian suit, which is used in extreme cases. In the car there and set to manual demining. However, even if the engineer is not in the service, it is always a bag with a minimum of required equipment.

For the evacuation of explosives is a car with an armored sphere, capable of withstanding a powerful explosion. To put the explosive device in it with a winch. To close the field manually is not necessary – it will make the robot with the help of special levers.

«Israeli bomb experts – specialists of the highest level, because no one has such practical experience. This is why our colleagues from other countries who come to us to learn. And we are always happy to share this experience, because we are at the forefront of the fight, who leads the whole world against terror», – said the head of the police Department to work with the Russian media, major Michael Zingerman.

Material prepared by Paul vyhdorchyk

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The bomb squad of the Israel police: so are professionals. Report 06.07.2017

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