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The book «Putin’s World» in Germany: charming President who destroyed democracy

In Germany published the book «Putin’s World», which was written by journalist Katya Glover for the Hamburg weekly, Stern. In this work, Gloger, who lived and studied in Russia, outlined his impressions from communicating with the President of the Russian Federation.

In an interview published on Monday, October 12, the newspaper DW, the journalist said that he considers the exception to the rule of the Russian policy of Putin, and the President-the reformer Mikhail Gorbachev. She is convinced that the Western project and human rights bill betrayed in 90-e years the Russian elite and urges Russians to recognize this and learn a lesson.

«He’s friendly and charming, able to understand the logic and point of view of the interlocutor, to serve him as a mirror that may be due to his former profession. Putin always well aware of the interlocutor. The other side – the certainty and infallibility. He is a man who believes all necessary to explain everything – be it American President or German Chancellor. This feature complicates political negotiations and to make Mr. Putin is unpredictable. It is this quality of the President of the Russian Federation led to radical changes in German-Russian relations in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. For the German side, Putin has become less predictable, and for him the unpredictability has become a work principle» – leads the publication the quote from this book.

The journalist also not optimistic about the future of Russia: «the Russian entrepreneurs, primarily, of large, so-called oligarchs, old and new, never built illusions about the nature of the existing system. They always understood that can manage delegated to them by the will of Putin’s property only as long as you play by his rules. In these circles, dominated by a very clear and cynical view of the situation, which allows them to hold accounts in foreign banks, own real estate in the West, to send their children to Western colleges, and parents to be treated in Western hospitals. So I do not expect any momentum in the direction of democratic change. The Germans after the Second world war was able to face the cruel historical truth and to draw lessons. It opened in front of the German democratic perspective. In Russia overcoming of history would not go to a new ruling elite nor the ordinary people for whom this is, of course, a very painful process.»

Earlier, former Finance Minister of Germany, peer Steinbrueck in the review «World of Putin» Tagesspiegel noted the high rating of this work and the thoroughness of the researcher.

The book «Putin’s World» in Germany: charming President who destroyed democracy 12.10.2015

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