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The briefing before the dinner, Netanyahu and trump talked about the hope for change

At a briefing held before dinner at the residence of the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Donald trump came out to journalists. The format of the briefing was not intended to communicate with the press. Having made their statements, the two leaders accompanied by their wives, went into the room where they had set the table.

The first on the rights of the owner of said Netanyahu. He thanked Donald trump for his efforts to achieve peace in the region, for his commitment to Israel’s security, as well as the position of the new White house administration takes against Iran. «For the first time in my life I feel a genuine hope for change,» said Netanyahu.

Donald trump, who flew to Israel after a visit to Saudi Arabia, said that many countries in the region, many Islamic countries are tired of wars and terror, and want change. According to him, in the Arab world share the concern of Israel and the United States about the nuclear ambitions of Iran. «We are ready to support any country that will join the fight against terror and be ready to stop the bloodshed,» said Donald trump.

The US President also noted that changes in the region is impossible without peace between Israelis and Palestinians. He noted that this «requires the commitment of the parties to come to the most difficult of the agreement.»

«I heard that the agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis is the most difficult, but I have a feeling that in the end, we will achieve,» concluded Donald trump.

The briefing before the dinner, Netanyahu and trump talked about the hope for change 22.05.2017

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