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The British army learns to defend Ukraine on the border of Israel

More of around 1,600 British troops will participate in exercises that will develop the willingness to expand the 30-strong group at any point of the Earth. The maneuvers will be held in the South-West of Jordan, near the border with Israel.

The teachings are called Shamal Storm. Shamalam is called a strong North wind in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates. Despite the name and venue, should not be considered as preparation for the invasion of Iraq or Syria.

According to British sources, the purpose of the exercise is to test readiness for a large-scale war against a conventional army. The most likely theatre of war for this scenario – Eastern Europe, where the British army will have to assist countries in NATO to ward off Russian aggression.

«That’s not training to combat «Islamic state», but if it comes to that, preparing to join the U.S. army in the Ukraine but not in Syria. This might not be necessary to liberate Aleppo from the gangs of jihadists», — quotes the source of the Telegraph.

With Marchwood military base in the Jordanian Aqaba directed 80 armored vehicles. In total, it involves 300 machines deployed combat support and intelligence, involved doctors and engineers.

Exercises are designed to test how ready the British army to a large-scale action despite the constant reduction of the military budget. The last time such operations were worked out over 10 years ago.

However, British expert Charles Heyman notes that the UK is unable to deploy a grouping of more than 30,000 people. He told the BBC that the maximum duration of such an operation is six months.

The British army learns to defend Ukraine on the border of Israel 09.02.2016

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