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The British court ruled to collect from the ex-Senator Sergey Pugachev to 75.6 billion rubles

The British court found and put in execution in England and Wales the definition of a Russian court to recover from the former Senator from Tuva, the owner of the bankrupt «International industrial Bank» Sergey Pugachev to 75.6 billion rubles. On Wednesday, February 24, reported the press service of the Russian state Corporation Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA).

«The DIA welcomes the decision of the High court of England and Wales, adopted on 22 February 2016 against Sergei Viktorovich Pugachev, on the basis of which the Russian court definition about collecting from it to 75.6 billion rubles recognized and enforced in England and Wales», – quotes the message of the RIA «Novosti».

«By the High court on 22 February 2016 decision is an important step DIA on execution of the determination of the Russian court about the involvement of S. V. Pugachev to vicarious liability in order to fully satisfy the claims of creditors of CJSC «international industrial Bank», – said the press service of the DIA.

On 12 February the High court of England and Wales has sentenced Sergey Pugachev to two years of imprisonment. Ex-banker currently resides in France.

The court found Pugacheva guilty on 12 counts. The main accusation was fleeing to France, while the British court forbade him to leave the Kingdom, and demanded to surrender their passports. In addition, he passed the mobile device did not provide e-mail addresses and expressed more contempt of court.

In the summer of 2015 a British court has banned Pugachev to leave the country and ordered the arrest of his property. The banker went to France, claiming that he feared for his life. Shortly before his car was found the tracking device.

The DIA and the Russian authorities claim that Pugachev specially bankrupted «Mezhprombank». He filed a lawsuit in the Hague court and accused the government of misappropriation of its property.

The Moscow arbitration court in 2015 made a determination about the involvement of Pugachev to vicarious liability for the obligations of Mezhprombank in the amount of 75.6 billion rubles. The courts of appeal and cassation dismissed the appeals of Pugachev on the specified judicial act.

Mezhprombank lost the license and was declared bankrupt in late 2010. In January 2011, on the given fact criminal case under article «wrongful actions at bankruptcy and deliberate bankruptcy».

In 2011 Pugachev fled Russia, and in December 2013 was declared in the international search. Him in absentia charged under article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation «Appropriation or embezzlement». In parallel, the ACB has sought the British court funds Pugachev, who claimed the plaintiff had been illegally removed by the former Senator from controlled by Mezhprombank. London’s high court in July 2014 has frozen the assets of Pugachev worldwide for $ 2 billion.

The British court ruled to collect from the ex-Senator Sergey Pugachev to 75.6 billion rubles 25.02.2016

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