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The Briton, who observed the rape of a child in an online broadcast, sentenced to prison

The Royal court of Cardiff, capital of Wales, was sentenced to imprisonment for 11 years, 44-year-old Darren Williams of Blackwood, County Caerphilly, who was looking in the Internet the rape of young children, broadcast online criminals living in Pennsylvania.

About that precedent, which addressed the crime committed in the period from July to October 2015, writes on Thursday, July 13, the news service of the BBC.

During this «show,» Williams commented on the spectacle, writing in particular: «Prove that this video stream – fuck him up!» The court regarded this comment as complicity and encouragement of what is happening in front of him crimes.

The BBC reported that the shocking video came to canadian police, who found the perpetrator: he was a resident of Pennsylvania William Chandler Augusta suburbs. In February 2015, he was arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Williams of security service were detained in December 2015, «calculating» his IP address..

The Prosecutor Laura Tams explained to reporters the verdict, saying that Williams experienced sadistic pleasure from the sight of the suffering and abuse of a toddler. Such people are a danger to society and need insulation.

It is noteworthy that Darren Williams worked with children – he was the driver of mikroavtobusov, which transported the orphans charities in the County of Gwent, writes The Daily Mail.
Along with Williams, the rape of a six year old child admired three men: 43-year-old primary school teacher Wayne Brooks, a 35-year-old Philip Crabtree and 36-year-old Christian Johnson Lueking, sentences which will be submitted in August.

The Briton, who observed the rape of a child in an online broadcast, sentenced to prison 13.07.2017

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